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Wellness Wednesday Roundup How many servings of fruits and…

Wellness Wednesday Roundup

How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you need? According to recent research, “people who eat up to seven servings of fruit and vegetables a day can cut their risk of death by 42% – and that vegetables may be more important than fruit to your overall health.” How much do you include in your diet?

Who said video games aren’t good for you health? Researchers concluded that video games decreased the chance of children eating junk foods “because it’s hard to snack on chips while your hands are busy tapping away on a keyboard or a game controller.” Along with reducing junk food consumption, some video games improve mental health through developing a child’s problem solving skills. 

How much do you know about meditation? Jancee Dunn from the Huffington Post shares the facts behind meditation and what you need to know before you try it yourself. 

Have you been thinking of trying Crossfit? Huffington Post shares some beginner friendly workouts to help you get started!

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