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Wellness Wednesday Roundup How important are vitamins to your…

Wellness Wednesday Roundup

How important are vitamins to your overall health? According to researchers, “people with low vitamin D levels are more likely to die from cancer and heart disease and to suffer from other illnesses.” While not the ultimate predictor of future illness, it is one of the preventable causes behind ill health. 

Feeling forgetful lately? Try these tricks from Time Magazine’s blog to give your memory a boost. 

Need a reason to go for a run or to hit the gym? By exercising in your twenties, you’re setting the foundation for improved memory and brain function in your later years. Researchers believe that “because a healthy heart is better at pumping blood and oxygen to the brain,” exercise can only help to improve future brain function.

Can too much protein be unhealthy? According to scientists, consuming too much meat based protein increases “the risk of dying from cancer.” On the other hand, consuming plant based protein was considered less risky. 

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