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Vegetarian Capsules Organic Coconut Oil Capsules / Pills 2000mg/Serving Virgin Cold Pressed Non GMO for Weight Loss, Extra Hair Growth and Healthy Skin. Best Source Unrefined Pure Coconut Oil

Veggie Coconut Oil Capsules

Product Features

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE TRY RISK FREE – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Feel Great or Your Money Back!! Every Purchase is Backed by our 1 Year Empty Bottle Guarantee – If you are Not Fully Satisfied for any reason we will refund your money no questions asked. Email us for details.
  • Coconut Oil is considered a SUPER ANTIMICROBIAL. When coconut oil is ingested, the body converts its unique fatty acid content into a strong antimicrobial compound capable of defeating some of the most notorious disease-causing microbes. These potent coconut oil derivatives put this splendid oil in a class of its own in terms of its natural defense properties. It is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiprotozoal food.
  • BEST SOURCE of MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACID(MCFA) found in nature; largely consisting of lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid. This allows for an incredible array of health-promoting properties. MCFA’s are metabolized in the body and used for energy production and thus seldom end up as body fat or as deposits in the vascular system; they produce energy, not fat. Medium chain fatty acids do not have a negative effect on blood cholesterol and work to protect against cardiovascular disease.
  • Coconut oil acts as both a FOOD and a MEDICINE. It works to improve the absorption of both minerals (particularly calcium and magnesium) and vitamins. Such vitamins include the ever so important B-complex vitamins as well as the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. In addition, coconut oil assists in the absorption of some amino acids.
  • Coconut oil is revered for its ability to stimulate the body’s metabolism, increase energy, and improve thyroid function. All of these factors work to reduce unwanted body fat and form the basis of why coconut oil is often recommended for weight loss endeavours.

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