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Sunshine Products Professional Jewelry Cleaner (half gallon)

Our professional cleaner uses all-natural ingredients to restore the brilliance of your cherished pieces. Just dip your jewelry in the solution and the everyday elements that can dull its shine will slip away.
Our cleaner couldn’t be more powerful. Or more gentle. And while it’s cleaning your jewelry, it’s also protecting it.
Affordable, easy to use and biodegradable. Safe for your jewelry, safe for you. It’s no wonder 90 percent of our clients return again and again.
Only the best is good enoug

Product Features

  • Biodegradeable, Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Machine, Sonic Cleaner
  • Safe on ANY jewelry. All precious and semi-precious stones as well as all porous stones(opals and pearls)
  • Made with a banana and coconut oil extract
  • No Ammonia, Ultrasonic cleaning, Sub-sonic

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