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STEP-BY-STEP PALEO – BOOK 4: a Daybook of small changes and quick easy recipes (Paleo Daybooks)

How YOU can become Super Healthy and have all the Energy you’ll ever need. STEP-BY-STEP PALEO uses Small Easy-To-Do Changes and Super Simple Recipes to get you there Fast!

Are you thinking about trying Paleo, but don’t know where to start?

Do you find sorting through all the information too overwhelming?

Do you wish someone would just make it simple – Tell you what to do, step by step, so you don’t have to think about it?

You need Step-By-Step Paleo .

Unlike other Paleo books out there, it’s not just a cookbook or an information manual. Step-By-Step Paleo is a Basic Paleo Course, written in the form of a Daybook.

Why a Daybook? Let me explain it this way ….

To get anything out of a normal book you have to take at least a few hours to actually sit down and read it. Unfortunately, most of this time is wasted effort because studies have shown that few people remember more than 10% of what they’ve read – if that!

Reading a Daybook is totally different from reading a regular book. You only spend a few minutes a day reading. It takes hardly any time at all, and after a few days it effortlessly becomes part of your routine.

Every day you get a little nugget of information and a gentle reminder to make a tiny change. You don’t do much each day, so you never feel overwhelmed. But because you are constantly reminded, soon you find you are actually acting on this information, not just reading about it.

Step-By-Step Paleo is a simple and easy way to develop new habits, and if you make even some of the suggested changes in these books, you will soon be full of energy and vitality, and feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life.

The best thing is you can start any time. It’s easiest to start on a Monday, but you can start on any day of any month of the year, as long as you start with Book 1 Week 1.

In Book 4 of this series (Weeks 13 through 16) you will learn :

Why you should consider growing your own food.

The easiest method of gardening.

How to quickly set up and easily maintain your first garden.

How you can turn your garden into a home business.

How you can have a garden even if you’re physically challenged.

The best vegetables to choose on a low carb diet.

Foods that are great for healing.

Delicious snacks, Mexican food, and many more great recipes.

Regardless of which Paleo plan you decide to follow, these Daybooks will work for you, and even if you are already well into your Paleo lifestyle, these books will be a good review. Since we so quickly forget what we read, having a short “Memory Jogger” to read each day will help you to remember all those bits of information you might otherwise easily forget.

One more thing. Step-By-Step Paleo contains lots of links that are an integral part of this book, so please make sure you are online when you read it.


When you purchase this ebook you will also get a WORD file with all the recipes. You can print out each recipe as you need it, or you can create your own personal recipe book. (I tell you how to do this in the book.)

So please, don’t wait any longer. Start STEP-BY-STEP PALEO today, and make this the year you become the best you can be – one small easy step at a time.

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