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SO DELICIOUS Dairy Free Organic Coconut Milk Beverage Original, 32 Ounce

Slide over soymilk and move over milk, so delicious original coconut milk beverage is here. This delicious beverage goes great on cereal, in coffee, mix into recipes and poured into a tall glass. For centuries cultures around the world have revered and relied upon coconut for its nutritional powers and infinite practical uses. Native tradition attributes healing and life-giving properties to the fruit-bearing palm, which is why it is often called, ‘tree of life’. Made from organic, non-gmo verified coconuts, so delicious dairy free coconut milk beverages are creamy and versatile alternatives to dairy milk.

Product Features

  • So delicious organic coconut milk beverage in original
  • Made with 100% organic coconuts
  • Smooth, refreshing and naturally energizing with only 80 calories
  • Comprised of over 60% medium chain fatty Acis (MCFAs)

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