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SECRET MIRACLE- TRICK THAT MAKES YOU YOUNGER Drew Canole explains the benefits of coconut oil. How swapping out coconut oil for virgin olive oil or any other oil in your kitchen….

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jimmy roberson says:

i would rub that oil on him everyday for life. but im sure he has women
after him and stright as a board

Radetzky19 says:

Hello Drew, I did find interest in seeing what you had to say in your
videos, but you did something that undermined your credibility. In a few
videos you had your shirt off. As pleasing to the eye it may be for some,
it undermines you as a business man. You having your shirt off selling a
product tells me that you have less credibility in trying to persuade
people to buy your product; if you are resorting to vanity then I question
how truthful your words really are. If you were confident, professional
and full of integrity you wouldnt have to take the cheesy route in taking
off your shirt to distract the masses from something you don’t want them to
know about; maybe some potential falsehoods? Some other viewers have
caught onto this as well. Sorry but it makes you look like a total,
anti-intellectual toolbag. Put a shirt on and start acting like a

Ryan Griffiths says:

Its true! I’ve been putting coconut oil on my balls for years and they look
5 years younger than the rest of me.

Sindy L says:

I do coconut oil pulling but wont cook with any oil.
Is coconut water natural?

Radetzky19 says:

You can tell this guy is hiding something in that he may be lying about
something if he has to take his shirt off to sell a product… Marc w is
right, no credibility and it is unprofessional.

Kasnar Burns says:

He looks like he’s trying to project a Wolverine look. Wasn’t Wolverine
virtually immortal?

Marc w says:

My god, ..SHIRT OFF -10 credibility. There is a difference between being
interested in yourself and vanity and being interested in nutrition.. why
do these things seems synonymous on youtube. Next video. 

Lori Cook says:

WOW I was scrolling the mess.
I see un-fair comments~~~`Diff PPL make the world go around, However what a
shame there are so many nay Sayers, NEGATIVE PPL……… If U do not like
the mess here, or what U see, Move on, why do PPL Never have nothing NICE
to say? If U have NOTING good to say, MOVE ON……… U can tell this Man
has everyones best interest at hand, he is trying to share w/PPL, Like
myself that do not no about Co. oil, ……… I just hope U keep making ur
Vids, I Love them, you will never satisfy the whole community, sad but
true…. TY again Drew…

Ramona Leigh says:

It lasts a year. Always check your expiry dates! Man… I just subbed this
channel and I’m ready to learn more from the naked man on the camera…..

Lori Cook says:

Just fund you on you tube.. YAY
Love ur messages, enjoy all you speak of..
Nice Bod..

Jose Thomas says:

i had a feeling you are going to talk about coconut oil after all i am
from India not only that but also from the state of coconut palms.not only
coconut oil but grated coconuts,coconut milk,thinly cut coconuts are
specialty of southern India cooking.on body you may use coconut oil but for
hair you may pour enough coconut oil in a pan then some sliced small
onions,curry leaves(Murraya koenigii).when onions become golden brown the
mix is ready.

Michael Peterson says:

“I’ve been doing a lot of research on coconut oil in the past week or
two…” LOL!!!

Marina Payne says:

Okay seriously Drew put a shirt on. I can’t finish this video I’m married

sarah coffey says:

I love coconut oil as well, I have used it for a while now. I get coconuts,
and it took me a few times, to figure out how to open one (: I am a pro
now… that stuff rocks though… nothing like fresh coconut water as well
! That is my fav thing to drink… so good for a post workout..

Alex Ferreira says:

Im drewwwwwling for you !

danmx29 mx says:

There’s a lot of controversy in coconut oil for saturated fats!!

Flower power says:

its great for skin and hair its awesome

Farmer Brown says:

Great Video Drew ! But you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. They
all want to see you with your shirt off….but the moment you take it
off, people act as if they’re disgusted…….. Personally, if someone is
trying to teach me how to have a better body…..I WANT to see what YOUR
body looks like. I think you should make more videos with your shirt
off…..although the messy hair didn’t do much for me. lol

funuglyadorable says:

actually and serious cant you put your clothes on u seem desperate.

bozomonster says:

Go put your shirt on and report back here right after you clean your room 🙂

Creativeseer says:

There are also studies out now about coconut oil being a great reversal for
Alzeimer’s. Alz is basically diabetes of the brain. Coc oil protects the
brain from insulin which kills the cells resulting in the deterioration of
the brain. Really interesting. Check out Dr. Mary Newport’s work on it.

Milk n Honey says:

what ur daily diet look like???

raysofgreys says:

That tiny jar is a rip off! Fifteen dollars?! I buy a giant 54 oz jar at
Costco for $15.99 (organic & cold pressed). Use it literally for
everything! On toast, face, body, pet food… Yum!

Suzie says:

I actually guessed coconut oil…yay me!! I recently started using it and I
have really leaned out without doing very much different but I definitely
want to start working out more to be healthier.

ConcentricClothing says:

HAHAhaha! funny!

Weezie Pimenlu says:

didnt listen to a word you said ^_^ but great bod! !! (y)

talk2minie says:

Hahaha! That was funny but why would you say that? It’s possible to get
that body without steroids or other stuff…

Danielle Judith says:

go to allstarhealth . com everything is cheap cheap cheap especially the
coconut oil. what i really love about them is their shipping fees. a flat
fee so order as much as you like for $5.89 one dollar more and it is
delivered by UPS. i buy all my vitamins there also. tropical traditions has
great coconut oil also. a tad bit expensive though. cost effective if you
buy in bulk. if you can’t afford it, allstarhealth . com is the way to go

MyEu4ia says:

You jealous or something ? Look at his body! He is super fit! I would put
my life in his hands any day.. When someone looks like that, you should
trust them to get you on the same road.

Ria Gara says:

This is what I call… SEXY! 🙂

Fantastasya says:

too bad you only found out now after searching your whole life. Btw it also
works as sunscreen an kills yeast infections.

Dan Hammonds says:

Is coconut oil and coconut milk completely different? Can I get the same
benefits from the milk?

Crystal Blais says:

You forgot oil pulling!

hebay2 says:

I’ve been dipping my balls in coconut oil for years. They are silky smooth
and super shiny. Cant recommend it enough

Lakelandcowboy69 says:

Wow that is one sexy goodlooking dude. Keep the shirt off,,,good idea.
Great video as well. I use coconut oil, even give it to my pets. Cook with
it & use it in my massage business.

Corhinn Brunot says:

I don’t think I heard one word he said….Lol…#HottttBod

Andres O. says:

?..actually its pretty doable ….all you got to do is work out and eat
healthy, i bet you’re fat LOL

TheFoxyja47 says:


powrxplor69 says:

Hey Drew you DO have an awesome physique & I guess it’s intimidating the
fat ugly youtube trolls..LOL…Keep on doin’ what ya do dude.

zairt says:

@beansemo coz hez talking nuts..coconut oil is the only oil which is
unsaturated..not recommended

quiksilver surfer says:

To make you feel envious.

Steve says:

1:52 Not gonna toss out my Kerry Gold grass fed butter, lol.

StrawberryBigMac says:

nom nom

gusy629 says:

Using coconut oil is Burmese technique. I’m Burmese and I used to apply
this oil when we were at school. 🙂

SMorrizz says:

@chrisjames1962 Nobody would have listened. He has to have the base that he
is different from others, don’t you think so? note:no offence even dreamed

daytripper18 says:

@drankin2112 You’re a loser buddy. Talking shit on the internet=not
winning. It shows just how jealous you are. The fact that you were so
distracted by the lack of t shirt shows that you’re either a closet
homosexual or are so disgusted by your own body that you have to place that
disgust somewhere other than yourself and onto someone who looks better
than you probably ever will. So quit staring and listen. You might actually
learn something.

geoff hall says:

your probably skinny af

crazysexyfuntraveler says:

Coconut oil is the God of everything!

Laney Evolution says:

you definitely keep my attention with your shirt off. Good plan. Now let’s
see you rub that coconut oil on your body. I’m not sure how to do it.

ngethers1217 says:

Ok is this fool naked??

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