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[REVIEW] Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is my review of Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which is some amazing stuff. Learn more about coconut oil here:…

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cocho1 says:

I got those all day let me know I’m in Cali 

RaYisonFireX4 says:

Thanks for info dude! I’m thinking about buying some for myself :D

Sunita Rao says:

thanks for this video I’ve been using this on my hair as a mask and it has
made my hair look and feel great. I suffer from dry scalp and after I dry
my hair, I always get peeling skin right at my hairline, at the top of my
It’s so incredibly annoying. I dab just a little bit of Merit VCO virgin
coconut oil on the
flaky spots and they behave all day. I am going to give some of this to my
sister to use on my niece’s eczema since I have heard it works wonders
Just for fun I rubbed this on my arms and elbows and it worked as a great
moisturizer with a little sheen, I can see myself using this on my legs
during the summer!

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