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OrganicGOLD Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Soap & Body Scrub with Real Moringa Leaves is the Best Natural Exfoliant & Cleanser for Face & Body, Handmade

Ready to flaunt your smooth and glowing skin? Get youthful, vibrant skin and face the world with confidence! OrganicGOLD pure virgin coconut oil soap scrub. 100% Organic, natural and handmade. It is a natural exfoliant for removal of dead skin cells for smoother and younger looking skin. Healthy soap with no harmful chemicals for worry-free bath, every time! moringa (for skin elasticity and strength, antioxidant, anti-aging) – moringa and virgin coconut oil is a wonderful combination of superfoods that promote healthy skin, with about 30 antioxidants! moringa face and body scrub soap contains Sulphur which is a key ingredient for collagen and keratin production, giving skin flexibility, softness and strength. It contains sampaguita essence, a flower native to southeast Asia, which provides a subtle but distinct sweet aroma that will transport you to tropical paradise! OrganicGOLD is committed to provide you with the highest quality soaps. We select only fresh and mature organically grown coconuts and moringa leaves. From far off tropical islands, we bring them right to your doorstep, ready to use! To change your bath time habits into healthy and worry-free from harmful chemicals and substances. Click add to cart to buy now.

Product Features

  • Glowing rosy, healthy and youthful looking skin
  • Firm and plump skin and Promoting a younger and fresher appearance
  • 100% organic, handmade and natural pure virgin coconut oil face scrub
  • Cold pressed, cold processed, absolutely no heat used to allow the retention of nutritional values including monoglycerides
  • New look, same good soap wonderful smell that is not overpowering, leaving you with clean and fresh feeling every bath time

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Deb W. says:

Warning ! WARNING ! This Organic Coconut Oil Soap Pure And Unscented needs to come with a warning label. It burned sensitive areas of my body and my daughters. I’m tempted to list what the aforementioned sensitive areas are but modesty prevents me. Obviously, I will not be adding photos as prompted! I bought this soap thinking it would be mild and good for sensitive skin but I was mistaken. It might be satisfactory as strictly a hand soap but as a full body soap in the shower or bath it is…

RoseV says:

Best for skin. Heals stings and poison Ivy also! This is a wonderful product. I have found over the years that using coconut soap keeps my skin younger. This one has aloe which seemed like a good idea for healing and feels good along with the coconut. This bar is not too soft… It doesn’t break down or fall apart. So it’s a good buy because it lasts a very long time.The funny thing is, it can also be used if you have a mosquito or bee string, or poison ivy. I use it for mosquitos and chigger bites and it makes the sting go way…

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