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Organic Coconut Oil 33.81 Oz Extra Virgin Cold-pressed for Hair, Skin, Beauty and Cooking

So why Coconut Country Living? It is no wonder why the coconut has even been worshipped through the ages. First, coconut oil should be organic, and free from systemic pesticides such as used in coconut trees in the Phillipines. If you go organic you are making the right choice for your own health and that of the environment, including important pollinators, such as bees. Second, your coconut should be virgin. Our extra virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed or mechanically pressed so not only avoid the harsh chemicals often used to remove taste and scent, but also to harness the first press of the fresh coconut rather than trying to extract from old or dead coconut, which may have issues with mold and fungus. Third, your coconut oil should ideally be in a plastic-free container. While it is a great to be BPA and BPS free, it should also be remember that even PET containers have issues leaking chemicals such as antimony (chemically similar to lead) over time, as at least one study with water bottles has shown. Uses of Coconut Oil: There are tremendous advantages of using coconut oil to harness its healthy benefits. Its dual function of hydration and as antiseptic make it ideal for skin and hair, while replacing less desirable artificial methods such as sunscreens. What about its digestive benefits? Not only are MCTs more easily absorbed for nutrition in the gut, but they help absorb other healing nutrients too! So, what are you waiting for? Get CCL’s finest coconut oil today and receive our exclusive E-book Coconut Oil Secrets for Health & Beauty: The Ancient Code to Capturing the Essence of Coconut for a Life of Vitality to give coconut oil a chance to change your life too. Note: These statements have not been evaluated Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • REALLY Natural: Coconut Country Living’s (CCL’s) USDA organic raw organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is non-GMO verified, pesticide, hexane, and gluten free, no transfats, BPA, or antimony, so you can benefit from the pure natural goodness of hand-picked organic virgin coconuts, whether you are healthy or have a chronic condition. It’s plastic free, having an eco-friendly reinforced packaging, with 5% of profits going to the Organic Consumers Association to protect our food supply
  • HIGHER MCTs KEEP YOU SLIM: This gold label coconut oil contains a higher ratio of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for healthy weight management and weight loss, optimizing good cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so your heart loves you back during exercise routines while the benefits of a keto diet help you meet your health goals as you impress your dentist with clean teeth and naturally fresh breath from detoxifying oil pulls
  • BRING OUT YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY: from a conditioning hair mask and body moisturizer and lip balm, to a face cleaning treatment for blemishes. Use as a cuticle oil makes nails grow 3x faster and stronger and NO-GUILT makeup remover that also works as a natural deodorant, delicious lavender body scrub or butter, or massage with essential oils. Even relieves itching and rashes in pets while leaving a shiny coat for dogs and cats as an organic pet food supplement or all-natural topical treatment
  • NOW YOU’RE COOKIN! With its THICK CREAMY TASTE AND PLEASANT AROMA cold processed at the perfect temperature, you need not worry about the watered down moldy nightmare of coconut oil gone rancid. With a high melting point, coconut, as a natural cooking oil, for sauteeing as an oil spray or for stir fries and baking, TREAT YOURSELF to delicious desserts like paleo friendly or ketogenic dark chocolate fat bombs, healthy protein bars, or bulletproof organic coffee, green tea, or cocoa
  • ANCIENT SECRETS REVEALED and DELIVERED! Unlock the mysteries of coconut oil with our complimentary e-book: COCONUT OIL SECRETS OF HEALTHY AND BEAUTY, as you see its amazing transformative power in your own life, from oil pulls or to remove stretch marks, with help from our expert team, which has its roots in Coconut Country for thousands of years as farmers and ayurvedic healers. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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