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Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Nutritional Supplement – 5 Gallon(18.9 Liters): Pure – Unblended : Light clean natural fresh – NOT heavy-greasy-fermented oil: Direct Manila Coco factory: 1 Extraction Method-1 Location: No Mixing Oil Types

Manila Coco’s 100% VCO comes from : one factory location-one extraction method – sold directly at online webstores – thus, avoids unnecessary costs of reprocessing into non-producer or wholesaler brands . … Our Manila Virginflo method ensures no risk of intermixing varying oil types/grades together in a consolidating warehouse. … Unlike other brands which consolidate 2 – 3 different extraction methods (fermentation, expeller, centrifuge), our Virgin Coco de Manila brand is simply no blend, unadulterated. … It contains the optimum amount of beneficial fatty acids, largely medium chain fatty acids (55% lauric acid) and natural vitamin E – tocopherols, which cause resistance to pre-oxidation. It is distinct from artificially stabilized hydrogenated vegetable fats, and animal fats – both have been medically traced to cause deadly degenerative diseases. … Our processes uphold consistent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP, and ISO procedures to assure every single time our best quality oil, and prevent any contamination. These Good-Housekeeping precautions may not be mandatory in traditional wet-milling or manual extraction methods due to additional costs. … We guarantee our VCO is safe, pure-unblended, and 3rd party certified organic by Ecocert of Germany/NOP USDA. … VCO’s medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which mimic those of mother’s breast milk that boost infant immune system and brain development, found their way in professional infant formulas as DHA and ARA nutrients. In adults, it also causes metabolic rate increases (good for weight loss). Inside the body, monolaurin, the monoglyceride derivative of VCO’s lauric acid (C 12) has shown broad-spectrum antiseptic action against bacteria, fungi, and drug-resistant viruses. … … Thus, make our VCO excellent nutrition supplement in liquid form (unlike those inadequately potent softgels) or mixed for prepared foods, smoothies or other beverages. And for fun flavor on popcorns, too!

Product Features

  • Natural, Organic + Unadulterated : 100% Pure, Unblended Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by Manila Coco Bio-Essence comes direct from our factory. … … Through only 1 Extraction Method (expeller pressed) in only 1 Location (NOT multi-sourced from numerous village fermentors of varying quality designs and practices), our Virgin Coco de Manila brand is guaranteed NOT-ADULTERATED, yet consistent in quality every single pack. … … NO RISKS OF INTERMIXING VARYING OIL TYPES or GRADES (fermented, expeller pressed, or centrifuged) together in a consolidating warehouse. … In fact, Manila Coco VCO is pressure-induced food grade coconut oils through only a singular, harmonized full control system : proprietary advanced mechanical expellers (Manila VirginFlo), without the use of solvents, no hexane, nor any chemical – much like those of expeller-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils. … Our VCO is naturally stable, and uniquely beneficial saturated fatty acids. It is devoid of toxic trans fatty acids, protects cells from free-radical damage, and free of bad-cholesterol enhancing properties – gaining its scientific claim as – The Healthiest Oil on earth… the Good Fats.
  • Fresh mature coconut kernels (non-copra) are grated within 36 – 48 hours from fruit harvest, steam-cleaned, then, blanched, and desiccated dry to best capture its plant sterols and essences. The resulting meal is then aseptically pressed to crude oil, with the faintest heat necessary to reduce moisture to its lowest level to avoid oxidation and for longer shelf life. Without interruption, this raw oil is filtered through natural earth carbon from final impurities before it is sent to storage tanks in its purest form.
  • NOT ALL VIRGIN Coconut Oils ARE THE SAME: Fermented VCOs or Centrifuged VCOs from wet-milled grated coconut cream feedstocks are of low-cost inputs, yet high risk of rancidity (heavy, greasy rough – fermented oil), uneven quality from independent family fermentors. In contrast, Expeller-pressed VCOs from dry-milled blanched (cured), desiccated coconut feedstocks are not low-cost, safe, and long-life (4-5yrs), and closest to natural fresh coconut taste/aroma (light sweetish clean). … NOT ALL ORGANIC COCONUT OILS are VIRGIN. … Altered Coconut Oils : Deodorized, Distilled, or Fractionated Coconut Oils loose all anti-oxidants (Tocopherols, Vitamin E) due to very high heat processing. Fermented oils anti-oxidants degrade faster than those of expeller-pressed because fermented/centrifuged oils enzymes are growing older faster each day – starting to go rancid beyond 6 months of nut opening. Altered coconut oils do not carry the same kind and amount of beneficial fatty acids as 100% pure, unblended VCO. As such, these are properly labelled – NOT VIRGIN, or merely coconut oil, even if these are co-labelled Organic, meaning no-synthetic-pesticides/fertilizers. … … By first cold-press, our Manila VirginFlo method retains the natural fresh coconut phytonutrients, thus, its light clean sweetish taste and aroma, non-greasy fluid feel, with its crystalline water-white color and free of sediment and rancidity. … … NOT LIKE the strong coconut taste/aroma and heavy grease fluid of fermented pre-oxidized VCOs. … … NOT LIKE other extraction methods, our Manila VirginFlo does not use any fermentation enzyme, nor decanting common to village pressed oils. No conventional chemical refining, no bleaching, no deodorizing (no RBD), no hydrogenation. Manila Virginflo system does not alter the oil’s integral native carbon-chain structures, keeping free fatty acid negligible, moisture almost nil, and peroxide and iodine values very low – key indicators of unadulterated VCO.
  • Only non-GMO coconuts from robust juicy trees not more than 50 years old within organic farm estates are used. Governmental bio-researchers have long found out that trees older than half a century tend to be less productive with anemic fruits, sub-prime senile, and prone to a lot of tree diseases. Farm and processing aspects are in conformity to the Philippine National Identity Standards (Codex Alimentarius) of the Bureau of Food and Drug and 3rd party organic certification by Ecocert of Germany/NOP USDA.
  • Volcanic Island Eco-Balance – The best coconuts are those that grow in bio/eco-balance from volcanic, nutrient-rich island soils, nourished with abundant tropical rain and coastal seawater and capped with lots of sunshine. The Philippines, located 11 degrees north of the Equator, is in the heart of the global volcanic center known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire” making it just about the most ideal environment for the best coconut variety to flourish. Philippine coconuts have earned the right to claim themselves the best of the best variety in the world. That’s why the Phils. is the world’s largest coconut oil exporter.

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