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Olive Oil Sprayer – Sensphi Oil Sprayer Olive Oil Mister Vinegar Coconut Oil Spray Bottle for Cooking Portable Oil Dispenser for Barbecue with Easy-Clean Brush

Love Food, Love More Healthier Life

Sensphi Olive Oil Sprayer help you make delicious food, save oil and control the Calorie. For the most health-conscious way to season your food.


1. Fill oil to the “MAX” line. Replace the nozzle and tighten.

2. Fully pump the top 7 to 10 times or until you feel the pressure.

3. Remove the pump top and press the nozzle for a fine mist.

   (The mist can last around 15 seconds after full pumping. )


1. The oil sprayer can make fine mist with most cooking oil, but may not fit with some thick liquid.

2. There is a cut line on the pump tube. It’s the design of pumping pressure rather than quality problem.

3. There will be a little lubricant on the pumping tube for pumping easily. The oil you add will not touch the tube directly, so you need not to worry about it or you can clean it by hot water for the first use.

4. For the first use, please clean the oil sprayer bottle with hot water or detergent. Then place it in a ventilate place.

5. If there is still pressure in the bottle after using, you can manually deflated it by opening the top.

Order Includes:

1 X Olive Oil Sprayer

1 X Bonus Brush

If you are not satisfied with this oil sprayer, just contact us freely, we will offer you the best after-sales service within 24hours.

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Product Features

  • HEALTHY LIFE – Sensphi Olive Oil Sprayer can both improve the taste of food and control the amount of oil used which could give you a more healthier life.
  • GREAT MIST SPRAY – Simply pump the container, then press the valve on the pressurized sprayer. This magic oil spray bottle can produce a fine oil mist spray rather than a terrible stream.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE – Just fill with your favorite oil, essential oil, coconut oil, vinegar or juice. Sensphi olive oil mister is portable. Perfect for cooking, roasting, sauteing, baking, grilling , barbecue or salad making.
  • EASY-CLEAN WITH BRUSH – Fill oil mister bottle with hot water and add a drop of liquid detergent. Clean it with the bonus brush and pump the cap until resistance is felt then spray into sink. Rinse and repeat as needed.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – BPA free, featuring an easy-use pump and spray using non-aerosol pressure that doesn’t use chemical propellants. Refillable, durable and portable, so you can use it again and again without creating more waste and take it for outdoor activities.

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