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Learn The Benefits & Uses of Coconut Oil in 1 Day

This is a short easy read book that can be read in 1 day or less. Therefore in 1 day you will learn quite a lot about coconut oil and some of the benefits and uses it has.

This book will cover the following:

1-Understanding some of the myths about coconut oil

2-The benefits of using coconut oil on your hair

3-How coconut oil can be used on your skin

4-Why using coconut oil can help with weight loss

5-Using coconut oil to aid digestion

6-Coconut oil as an aid for the immune system

7-When used externally coconut oil can help fight infection

8-The claimed benefits of coconut oil in relation to heat disease

I have included a long list of the uses of coconut oil, which is a great way to save money. In addition I have also included some tasty and easy to make recipes for you to try.

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