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Keto Capsules: MCT Oil On The Go – 3000mg 120 Capsules – Supports Natural Energy, Cognitive Function, Endurance & Easy Digestion – with Caprylic Acid

MCT oil is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for body and brain. With fewer steps to convert into caloric energy than carbohydrates, it is hands down one of the best ways to power up your performance or kick start a nutrition program.

Keto Capsules is MCT Oil For On The Go!

Boost Energy & Endurance
Supporting Cognitive Function
Convenient for Travel & On the Go
Capsules Make for Easier Digestion
Smaller Capsules for Easier Consumption
100% Money Back Guaranteed

Coconut oil contains MCT’s, but only in relatively small quantities. C8 MCT (Caprylic Acid) comprises roughly 6% of coconut oil, and C10 (Capric acid) is usually around 9%. These two forms of MCT are particularly valuable because they take far fewer steps to convert to caloric energy than the other saturated fat forms found in coconut oil.

Keto Capsules contain 90% C8 & C10 Medium Chain Triglycerides, making Keto Capsules a superior choice over coconut oil!

Product Features

  • BOOST ENERGY, ENHANCE COGNITIVE FUNCTION, IMPROVE ENDURANCE & EASY DIGESTION: MCT Oil is a fast fuel for your brain and muscles without the use of stimulants like caffeine and without the crash. Capsule form gives better digestion and portability, ideal if you’re on the ketogenic diet or just want a high performance lifestyle.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We are so confident in our MCT Oil that we back it with a NO HASSLE RISK FREE 90 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Our number one priority is to make sure you’re happy!
  • GET INTO KETOSIS, SKYROCKET METABOLISM & BURN FAT: Working all day long? Love intense sports sessions and working out at the gym? Trying to lose weight and alter your diet? Look no further. Medium chain fatty acids can help you burn stubborn fat, lose weight and at the same time alter your metabolism. Plan, train hard, perform even better! If you are looking for ways to improve
  • WHY CHOOSE MCT OIL OVER COCONUT OIL? MCT Oil has the highest concentrations of the most effective fast ketone energy that you can get from C8 Caprylic Acid or C10 Capric acid
  • LONG LASTING WORKOUT FUEL – Ketones provide long lasting energy to help you power through workouts. Take a dose before your workout to help keep energy levels up. Pairs perfectly with coffee as an all-day energy breakfast!

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Jacob Kreider says:

I highly recommend this product I highly recommend this product.Let me start by saying that I am generally skeptical of supplements and the various “miracle drug” claims usually found on the labels of those products. So, when I had a friend recommend MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) to me for energy and weight loss purposes, I rolled my eyes a bit and then turned to Google to see if there were actually any scientific studies backing up his claim.To my pleasant surprise, there are tons. Many…

Tim Zwart says:

Great Product!!!

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