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Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cooking Spray, 5-Ounce Can (Pack of 4)

Extra Virgin Coconut oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray. As a convenient no calorie cooking spray, Kelapo coconut oil is perfect for fried eggs or pancakes. Coconut oil is also great for gluten-free and vegan recipes. The non-stick spray easily coasts cake pans and keeps food from sticking to cookware, making clean-up breeze. For recipes and tips on using coconut oil, visit our website or our daily food blog

Product Features

  • Four 5-ounce can of Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cooking Spray
  • Convenient spray coats baking pans and frying pans to form a nonstick surface
  • 100% natural and unrefined; vegetarian; organic
  • Fair Trade Approved; produced in Sri Lanka
  • Use as an all-natural alternative to other cooking sprays

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cosmopolitancowgirl says:

Product is fine but spray nozzle is terrible The product itself is fine. It’s the nozzle that stinks. Sometimes it sprays; sometimes it doesn’t. And when it sprays, it often sprays everything around it except the darn pan! Either I got a dud of a nozzle, or it’s a manufacturing/design defect in their spray nozzles on their cans. I tried cleaning the nozzle after each use with a damp paper towel; sometimes that helped, but not often. I ended up having to toss it out and buy a similar product at Trader Joe’s.Kudos to Amazon for…

Amazon Customer says:

Rethink your Cooking with This

Anonymous says:

I eat paleo for my health, and this is the only cooking spray I have found that does not contain other ingredients like soy or canola oil. It sprays extremely well, it lasts a long time, and the only negative is that coconut oil is a solid below 75 degrees, so the nozzle will sometimes gum up. But it is very easy to scrape a fingernail over the nozzle and the spray will come right out again. It is an expensive product, but it simplifies my cooking a great deal and I buy it in bulk or you…

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