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HOW TO POUR CEREAL (Breakfast cooking for weight loss – binge eating cure – belly fat cure – phobia cure – depression cure – coconut oil cure – insomnia … Breakfast recipes (The Disease is the Cure)

How to Pour Cereal

Hi I am Dr. Damien and my credentials

speak for themselves.

I am a busy man as I am sure that you are a

busy person as well, so I will get straight to


Cerealitis is becoming increasingly common

among todays generation of young adults. As of

right now this disorder plagues 1 out of every 100

individuals on the planet and rising. This is serious

business,and I am at the forefront leading the charge

to one day hopefully find the cure for this very serious

disorder called Cerealitis.

Not only am I world renowned Medical Doctor

licensed to practice throughout the entire internet,

and licensed to practice throughout all of Mexico

Cuba, and Brazil. I am also a world renowned

Therapist that has heard and seen it all.

So many unanswered questions to problems

come through my doors on a day to day basis that

I often wonder how I will have time to help everyone

and still give all their issues equal attention as they

all deserve.

This when it finally hit me. I will just have to spend

all of my free time when I am away from my practices

and use this time to write a whole slew of How to books

on topics that I have yet to see discussed and taken

head on.

Many people from all walks of life can benefit from

my How to books. It will be as if I can heal thousands

of wounded birds with just one book. My entire lifes

work has come down to this one defining moment.

Remember that I am here to serve and help you all

will your issues, whether they are big or small I am just

an email away.

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