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Grow Long Silky Hair {My Secrets}

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Lola TV says:

is it just me or does she look prettier where she is blowdrying her hair
without make up lol

Mahli Denton says:

I need advice, My hair is as long as hers and I have brown/black hair, I’ve
never dyed it or anything but it gets tangled SO easily and when I brush
it, it hurts! I do brush gently from bottom to top and my hair is healthy
but I need a good hair mask I can make at home! thanks

Andrea Ryan says:

Thank for the tips. I’m so excited for all these tricks!

Naomi Reiziger says:

the tips about sulfate free shampoo really helped, I’m going to purchase
some (pretty expensive) sulfate free shampoo at my health foods store to
see if it works :)

L K says:

I notice that in your most recent videos your hair is much more of a
lighter and bright blonde (more of a white blonde rather than a golden like
here) Did you just keep going lighter? How did you manage to get your hair
like it is now? I’d like to know because I’m naturally a brunette but have
been getting blonde highlights for so long now that I’m a blonde and I’m
trying to transition into more of a white blonde rather than a gold blond.

Laura Roth says:

You look so much like Pheobe here .. 

lynabaya says:

I’d recommend a good mix of honey, coconut oil, and eggs as a hair mask
(DIY). It is all natural and cheap! Treat it to your hair every week, once
a week. It will leave your hair shiny and softer! :)

Heba Alif says:

what if the country we live in does not have those products , and we are
still like 12 and our parents you know????

Jackattack5678 says:

How do u feel about hairinfinity and Moroccan oil?

Nancy Orellana says:

i think your hair is ugly lol

Amelia Gaibor says:

I’m just a kid but I will take your advice for this video may be

JJJLongHair4u2c says:

Interesting hair routine.

Tara Hamati says:

İ have always wanted to try that blow dryer cool

destiny caldwell says:

nice! love your secrets ;D i also have a video on my channel that says my
ways of keeping my hair long and healthy, if you have time i hope you can
check it out! love your videos!

Jaime Freet says:

I work for Aveda Evelina and ONLY use Damage Remedy in my hair. It’s truly
the best.

Litzy Suaste says:

Omg i have all of avedas hair products and i had no idea they where that
expensive my mom just brings them home and and says here i brought you

PiggiesFTW says:

I like you brunette!

Mini Cameron says:

I love that she doesnt buy stuff that cone from really expensive or hard to
find places.

darian shaver says:

You are so beautiful, and so is your hair(:

ricchy 101 says:

she looks good with brown hair

Delal D says:

Brown hair would look so much nicer on you 

Angie Riddle says:

You have a beautiful hair! But I wouldn’t do all that, I’m too lazy! XD

Mara Blaga says:

Plase do a ROMANIAN video! There are so many romanian people that follow

Claire Stewart says:

you are so pretty!!!!

Ekaterina Brammer says:

I love your hair!

britbitch26 says:

She has a Celine dion mouth… Also she forgot to add..: that they are
mostly EXTENSIONS…. Who do these idiots think that they are fooling…
Like its so dumb…

amineh97 says:

her hair doesn’t look very healthy

miria moli says:

what kind of accent do you have? its on the tip of my tongue

Sunil Verma says:


britty nicole says:

I’ve used Aveda products and they were horrible and expensive. I have thick
curly hair and it made it so dry. When I shampooed my hair the shampoo made
it so tangly and the conditioner did nothing I was having to pull my hair
apart to get it untangled. It just did not work for me. 

Anjelyn Roberts says:

I wonder if she would make an update video on this?

Darcy Sears says:

do not purchase professional lines from drug stores. its not the real

Connie Zhu says:

Please make a renewed hair care video!!!

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