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Glass Juice Bottles 32 oz with lids (Set of 2) BPA Free Juicing Container for Cold Orange, Apple, Kombucha, Grapefruit, Tea, Fresh Oraganic Vegetable, Juicer Fruit, Coconut, Kefir & Essential Oils

Twist, Sip, and Say Aaah!

Whether you need a versatile drinking bottle for your on-the-go lifestyle or you simply want easy anytime access to your pure juice or water, free from toxic chemicals, the Kanrel is your go-to glass beverage bottle.

Why glass? In three words: health and taste. Unlike metal or plastic bottles, glass stays out of the way so you taste nothing but your water. Plastic bottles are often made with with a cocktail of toxic chemicals that come along for the ride each and every sip you take. The Kanrel is free of BPA, PVC & BPS, so you can rest assured that when you take a sip, you’re taking in nothing but your drink.

Won’t it break? Not easily. Our bottles are individually handmade by artisans using a traditional mouth-blown technique. The utmost care, attention and craftsmanship goes into each and every bottle. Plus, our lids are re-usable so theres no need to ever buy new ones. It’s even leak-proof so you can pack it any way you like without worrying about a wet backpack.

How do I clean it?Kanrel glass bottles are completely dishwasher safe, so you can simply remove the cap and place the bottle on the top rack for a squeaky clean water bottle every time. No dishwasher? The sink works just as well.

Why buy Kanrel? Peace of mind. We stand behind our glass water bottles with the ultimate satisfaction guarantee. Our 1-Year Warranty means that should you encounter any problems, we’ll ship you a replacement at no cost. It’s that simple. Once you experience the Kanrel difference, you’ll want to make sure your friends and loved ones can also drink their water, milk or juice free from harmful chemicals.

Order yours today, and sip your drink as nature intended!

Product Features

  • Stay Healthy – FDA Approved & BPA Free, No BPS, BPF or PVC. Unlike a plastic bottle, with Kanrel 32 oz Glass Bottles you never have to worry about harmful toxins when you take a drink.
  • Save Time & Money – Need a 32oz Glass Water Bottle, Glass Juice Bottle or Glass Milk Bottle? This is it. With Kanrel your drink will taste amazing, with no odors or unpleasant tastes…ever!
  • Cleaning is Easy – The beauty of our bottle is its ease of use. To clean, you simply remove the reusable lid and place the glass in the dishwasher for a perfectly clean bottle every time.
  • Help Save Our Planet – Forget plastic and help us create a greener world, 100% of our product & packaging can be recycled. 1% of all Kanrel sales go to support environmental causes.
  • Have Guaranteed Peace of Mind – Our glass bottles are the best you can buy. They come with a Free 30-day Money Back Guarantee & Free 12-Month Warranty, protecting your purchase.

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Von says:

I love my new Kanrel

Omid Farvili says:

I was disappointed (see below) I was disappointed (see below). I set my bottle on my granite counter and it cracked.I noticed a huge, jagged crack on the side of the bottle. I called the customer service number and they said it may have been a defective unit. The bottle is nicely designed but it’s useless to me if it’s going to crack so easily. Perhaps it is my bad luck and in fact it is a defective unit. If so, I would appreciate if they would send me a replacement and I would be happy to update my review. Otherwise…

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