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Diatomaceous Earth Review 32- Taken with coconut oil

This episode explains how my view has changed about taking diatomaceous earth with other remedies, specifically coconut oil.

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bobatrock says:

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but could you please pronounce diatomaceous
earth with an ‘M’ not an ‘N’. You keep pronouncing it with an ‘N’. Thank
you. Blessings!!

Toni Martin says:

I was wondering, have you seen a fall in your cholesterol? My doctor after
telling him about the earth, he took me off my med for 6 mos to see if
there is a fall in my bad cholesterol.. I’ve read that it helps in that
department. Just wondering if you;ve heard from other folks with this
matter? thks

khealing says:

Thank you for you reviews. Do you take any other nutritional supplements or
on any special diet? Do you eat only organic?

BL BL says:

Chlorella and The Earth work well together for me…as when I take The
Earth alone…I still have BMs but they can be difficult, however when
taken in conjunction with Chlorella …talk about smooth sailing… Great
video as usual…THANKS! 

mrhudah says:

You are Officially a Poop Expert

Nikki Likes says:

Just received my D. Earth and my Sis were taking the journey together!
Super fast shipping! Lovely customer service! Thank you so much!

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