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Dial Glycerin Bar Soap, Coconut Water, 4-Ounce Bars, 3 Count (Pack of 6)

Your daily skin defense to reveal healthy, younger looking skin. Dial coconut water glycerin soap with bamboo leaf extract leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated.

Product Features

  • 4 ounce bars
  • Ultra fresh hydration
  • Refreshing glycerin soap
  • Leaves skin feeling

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BirdieTracy says:


digigirl says:

Great non-fancy facial soap.

Harvey Bragg says:

Coconut Water Dial Soap is gentle enough for my sensitive skin! Review by Carolyn Bragg — Buying and using soap has always been a problem for me. Some brands can smell fine in the store, but have a perfume that irritates my asthma, or my very sensitive skin. Everybody is different, so I tried what others recommended. Call me crazy, but I didn’t think it was cool to have soap make breathing difficult or make my face sting (yes, I rinsed thoroughly).So I am very happy with this version of Dial, a brand name I trust. I really hope they keep…

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