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Detangling Thick Curly Hair w/LouAna Coconut Oil & SheaMoisture

I recently found a new coconut oil at Walmart called louana and so I wanted to try it for detangling my hair. I’m starting out on an old, DRY twist out. I’m …

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RetroSimply Curly says:

Check out this detangling video using water, coconut oil, & conditioner´╗┐

Cindy Johnson says:

I just bought some too, I was about to pay $11 for some organic coconut oil
from my grocery store and found the Lou ana coconut oil for $3.98 In The
30oz size. I appreciate this video because your hair and my daughter’s hair
are the same, in length and texture. I myself am mixed 1/2 Hispanic and
African American and my daughter is more African American as is my husband,
anyway, I have a hard time with her hair because of the length and this
helped. Keep doing what you do, I hope your channel grows and you are
beautiful =)´╗┐

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