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Cultures for Health Kefir Starter Culture, Freeze-Dried Powder, No Daily Maintenance, Includes 2 Packets Of Starter

Make kefir at home with this powdered starter culture. This kefir culture is easy to use to make homemade kefir at a much lower cost than buying kefir at the store, and it’s delicious! Drink plain, add flavoring, or use kefir in many different recipes including as a base for smoothies, salad dressings, and more. Each box contains 2 packets of powdered kefir starter. Store the extra packet of kefir starter in the freezer until ready to use. THIS STARTER DOES NOT REQUIRE DAILY MAINTENANCE LIKE KEFIR GRAINS. Use 1 packet of kefir culture with 1 quart dairy milk, juice, or coconut milk or coconut water. Each packet may be recultured several times by using a small amount from the current batch to make the new batch. Complete, easy-to-use instructions are included in every box of kefir starter. Ingredients: Proprietary blend of selected strains of lactococci, lactobacilli, Leuconostoc, and Saccharomyces fragilis bacteria. May contain trace amounts of soy and milk. Non-GMO. Allergen Information: Our kefir starter culture is a gluten-free product. May contain trace amounts of soy and dairy. Manufactured in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy. Actual product packaging may differ from image shown above. NOTE: This is a powdered starter culture. It is NOT live kefir grains.

Product Features

  • This freeze-dried, powder starter culture is easier to maintain than kefir grains.
  • No maintenance! Make kefir when you want, without the daily upkeep of kefir grains.
  • Two packets which can be used several times each to make kefir.
  • Can be used with cow milk, goat milk, juice, coconut milk, coconut water, and more.
  • Flavor or use as a base in smoothies, salad dressings, and more.

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Vintage PowerReader says:

I love this, no mess, easy to use!!!!! I have made yogurt for years, but never thought much about kefir, the stuff i had tasted terrible and was too sweet. I decided to retry kefir, , and make it fresh like yogurt.I wanted to start with culture before getting into grains. I only use one quart of yogurt every 2-3 weeks.shipping was prime fast.I had 1 quart of fresh goat milk, and 1/2 gallon of local cow milk, single grass fed herd, pasteurized.I made a small quart of goat yogurt, and a mixed quart of…

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