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CocoTaps Coconut Tapper Easy Opening Tool + World’s First Ever Sealing Taps (Keeps Coconut Water Fresh For Weeks)

Prevent spills and injuries with the 100% USA made Coco Taps Tool Kit. The world’s first ever tool kit that includes the exclusive Coco Taps so you can drink coconut water without any spills or messes just like you would drink any regular bottled beverage!

Step 1: Use the Coconut Tapper Tool to create a small hole in your coconut by twisting and applying a small amount of pressure on the coconut.

Step 2: Insert the small Coco Tap into the whole and turn counter clockwise. Tighten the Tap in the coconut with the top of the Tapper tool so it’s securely fastened in the coconut.

Step 3: Your coconut is now sealed. Time to tap your thirst and enjoy! If you don’t finish your coconut water, just screw on the cap and put it in the fridge to keep the water fresh!

This kit includes:

-One (1) CocoTaps USA Made stainless steal high quality coconut hand-drill tapper
-Two (2) CocoTaps Reusable Taps to reseal your fresh coconut water

The Coco Taps Tool Kit makes enjoying fresh coconut water easier than ever. Did you know that packaged coconut water from brands like ZICO and ONE actually contains harmful chemicals and has been heat pasturized so most of the nutrients are taken out? Time to drink FRESH coconut water easily with the Cocotaps Tool Kit! You can now even take fresh coconut water on the go with you with no spills or messes because you can seal your coconut. Simply screw on and off the easy-to-use Coco Tap and you’re ready to go!

Product Features

  • WORLD’S FIRST EVER: Coconut Tool Kit that includes resealable patent pending taps so you can save your coconut water for later!
  • INCLUDES: One (1) CocoTaps USA Made stainless steal high quality coconut hand-drill tapper and two (2) Coco Taps Reusable Taps to reseal your fresh coconut water.
  • EASY TO USE: No more cutting your coconuts open anymore, simply twist the drill into the coconut with minimal pressure. Insert the green Coco Tap and screw into the hole. Insert a straw or drink right from the tap for NO-SPILL enjoyment!
  • NO SPILLS OR MESS: Now you can drink fresh coconut water just like you would drink any other beverage through the no-spill Coco Tap. Then reseal and store in your fridge to finish later. Perfect for taking on the road too!
  • DURABLE USA MADE QUALITY: All pieces made right here in the USA. Don’t be fooled by other low-quality coconut drills made in China that can break and cause serious injury!

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JK says:

Keep All Your Fingers! Nearly lost my index finger last weekend using the meat cleaver method of cutting into a coconut. Sitting here typing my review with a bandage and steri-strips from Urgent Care on my finger. You really could lose a finger or worse using the cleaver method that I keep seeing people promote online. So I had to find a better solution. This Coconut Tapper is awesome. It does not flake, like I saw in another review. It does take a few times using it to get the hang of it I think. After having…

E.D. says:

Overpriced product, badly crafted, strange residue on the inside. Overpriced product, badly crafted. In particular, I don’t see how the claim “NO SPILLS OR MESS” can hold. When you use it, the drill head gives off metal dust/flakes that go into your coconut. There is a strange nasty metal residue on the inside of the drill that gives of these particles, which is impossible to remove completely (see my photo). Another reviewer here has experienced this as well. What’s really stunning, if you look closely you can even see this problem on the vendor’s…

ike Ogut says:

It is not as easy as it seems

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