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Coconut Palm Capsule with Scientific Tips

• Coconut palm Capsule with Scientific Tips is a ready reckoner which is definitely effective in stimulating the interest of young people in science and agriculture.
• The book is very fine and the only one of its kind if you want to know everything about coconut and certain scientific aspects related to biology in a short time in class room, laboratory and agricultural field.
• Step-by-step presentation of chapters in this book is eye-pleasing and makes it suitable for regular use in different occasions.
• Parents who wish to teach their children at home will also find this capsule form of scientific information highly useful and easy to teach since the contents are presented very briefly in simple English.
• The topics that are included in this book are all covered supremely well; definitely, an all-purpose wonderful little book.
• The effort made by the author is specific and powerful to make farmers, technicians and agricultural field level workers to adopt this capsule, students to read and practice it and professionals to use it in different occasions.
• The book is small and simple but highly valuable gift from the author.
• Very informative, highly useful and the only unique book in this category

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