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COCONUT OIL PULLING, With Frankincense and Myrrh!!! Wonderful Benefits!

Help restore healthy flora within the mouth, whiten teeth, and rid the body of toxins, by learning to oil pull using Coconut oil, Frankincense, and Myrrh. So many healing benefits of learning…

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Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations says:

I’m sorry guys, the music was a bit loud in this one. I can reshoot it at a
later date, but watch it anyway, it is good info. I was just rockin in out,
and had just juiced and felt like doing a video about how to oil
pull…there is also rhyme and reason to the method of my madness, on the
videos I am uploading, and the order in which they are being uploaded, bc
if you will start at the beginning, take this journey, and do all of these
things that have been shown, you will benefit the most from them. Have a
great day! Please help me, and help others by sharing these videos with
others who need the healing benefits the nutrients provide. We are here to
help others, to be service to others, and not service to self. So share
your knowledge with others on how to detoxify and alkalize the body for NO
more sickness….No more pain….Thank you!!!

Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations says:

Learn the amazing benefits of learning to oil pull the correct way, start
with once a day, for about a week, then several times a week after. Always
oil pull on an empty stomach. Thank you.

Money Achiever says:

The information is great. Music didn’t bother me. Thank you!

Kelli Wright says:

good video. good information. thankyou.

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