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Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil For Beginners – Discover The Magic Coconut Oil Uses For Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Anti-Aging And Vital Health (Essential Oils, Homemade Beauty Products, Anti Aging)

This book tells you all about the health benefits of using coconut oil in your daily diet and your skin regimen. You may be amazed at the benefits of this simple oil, which has been used in Pacific and Asian countries for centuries, with resultant good health.

Coconut oil was once grouped with other fats, and assumed to be bad for your health. In fact, the opposite has proven to be true. It helps to promote a healthy heart and a healthy brain. It raises levels of good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil has many benefits externally, as well. It can help you keep your skin soft and healthy. It fights the effects of aging on the skin. Using it for massage can lower your stress levels and relax you. It can even bring you healthier, fuller hair that is less susceptible to breaking or hair loss.

In this book, we will discover:

How coconut oil can help you lose weightThe ways in which coconut oil can increase brain health and reduce stressCoconut oil’s many benefits to help you fight the aging processThe vital role coconut oil can play in your overall health

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