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Coconut Kitchen Toasted Coconut Butter Toasted Organic Coconut & Vanilla Gluten-free Peanut-free Dairy-free No Refined Sugar (2-pack 9 oz jars)

Like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Delight in the surprising freshness and authentic flavors of our ENDLESSLY VERSATILE coconut butters. Add a dollop to transform all your favorite foods and indulge your senses.

Product Features

  • Like a popular destination, Roasted Coconut is here to please. Reminiscent of peanut butter but mild enough be a sweet fix, spoon a dollop and let the warm nutty flavor please your soul.
  • Perfect for Paleo & Plant-Based Diets
  • No added or refined sugar. Gluten, Dairy, Peanut, Soy & Egg Free. Vegan. Stevia sweetened.
  • We hope you love our new look!

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P. Martin says:

Very tasty! This is not going to show as a verified purchase, because I do not have the button to submit a product review from the order for some reason. But I did buy this from Amazon. These are very tasty. I follow a keto lifestyle which means low carb, high fat (i.e. no sugar or grains), so the cinnamon raisin is something I can only have a tiny taste of every now and then as it has both sugar and oats in it. But it’s delicious as are they all. Beautiful, creamy texture, too. I haven’t yet used…

schnuppi says:

Where has this been all my life?

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