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Citronella Mosquito Incense Sticks 21’’ Long Lasting 2.5 Hour-Outdoor Garden & Bugs Repellent Sticks Pack Of 12, Natural Formula With Thai Herbs, Citronella And Lemongrass, DEET Free Safe For Children

The Most Natural Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Do you want to stay protected from bugs and mosquitoes so you can enjoy your summer nights without a worry?

Don’t you just hate the messy insect repellent lotions that give your skin a terrible smell?

Most mosquito repellents are loaded with chemicals that are dangerous for you and harmful for the environment.

Well, forget about all that.

The CHAN Natural citronella incense sticks set is exactly what you need!

All Natural Formula

We make sure that all the ingredients we use for our incense sticks are picked with care and they are completely natural.

The insect repellent sticks are made with a unique blend of Thai herbs, with the main being citronella, an ingredient famous for repelling mosquitoes in the most natural and effective way.

The sticks are completely non-toxic and they are DEET-free unlike most products meant to protect you from insects.

This makes them 100% safe for you and your family, as they are safe even for young children!

Full Protection And Convenience

The citronella incense sticks require no electricity since all you have to do is burn them and they are ideal for outdoor spaces, such as your backyard, your patio or your balcony.

Each stick will keep you protected for up to 2.5 hours so you can enjoy any outdoor activity.

And the best part is that the sticks have a pleasant lemongrass scent so you can enjoy your evening without any unpleasant smell.

Stay protected this summer in the simplest and most natural way possible with the CHAN Natural citronella incense sticks.

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Product Features

  • NO MORE MOSQUITO AND BUG BITES THIS SUMMER: Forget about the annoying mosquito bites that you have to put up with every summer. The citronella incense sticks will give you the full protection you were looking for without having to apply messy lotions every 10 minutes or having to use dangerous chemical repellents that need to be plugged in. The incense sticks will keep you protected from bugs even when you go camping or just chilling your patio.
  • ALL NATURAL FORMULA: We make sure to use only the best natural ingredients so that you can have a product that is truly safe for your health while still protecting you from the mosquitoes. The sticks are made with carefully selected Thai herbs, with their main ingredients being citronella oil and lemongrass powder that are known for their insect repelling properties. Stay safe in the most natural way possible.
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND THE ENVIRONMENT: The CHAN Natural citronella incense sticks are made with all natural ingredients that are completely free of toxic chemicals for maximum health and safety. The mosquito repellent is DEET free and it is perfectly safe for children and for you. All the ingredients are safe for the environment so we can give you incense sticks that are truly eco-friendly.
  • BEAUTIFUL NATURAL SCENT: No need to worry about the strong and unpleasant smell most mosquito repellents have. The CHAN Natural citronella incense sticks have a unique blend of natural ingredients that give off a pleasant and fresh smell. Enjoy the lemongrass scent during the warm summer nights in your backyard or on your patio and rest assured that no bug will disturb you.
  • LONG LASTING PROTECTION: The citronella sticks will keep you fully protected from bugs and mosquitoes for a long time. Each pack contains 12 sticks and all you need to do to stay protected is burn them. Each stick can last for up to 2.5 hours so you can enjoy your night in the outdoors without a care in the world!

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