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Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Vanilla — 14 oz

Big Tree Farms coconut palm sugar is Nature’s Perfect Sweetener. Unlike regular sugar, coconut palm sugar is low on the glycemic index, high in nutrients and has 16 vital amino acids. Just use it like you would normally use sugar, it is a perfect 1:1 ratio. Because it is low glycemic, you won’t get the “sugar crash” other sweeteners give you. We add just a hint of stevia leaf to every batch we make so some extra sweetness is there for those that like that sweet satisfaction. It tastes great and your body will thank you. Big tree Farms works directly with our organic farmer partners in SE Asia, paying fair trade wages and supporting sustainable agriculture to create better livelihoods for thousands of families. Naturally Nutrient RichMagnesium & Nitrogen – Regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure..Zinc – Called the “nutrient of intelligence” and is necessary for mental development.Low Glycemic -Slow absorption into the bloodstream, which means a happier and healthier body.Calcium -Builds strong bones, reduces high blood pressure and kidney stones, and aids in weight management.Amino Acids -Coconut sugar contains 16 vital amino acids, the building blocks for all life.

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  • Big Tree Farms coconut palm sugar is Nature’s Perfect Sweetener
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