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Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro Instant Coconut Water Electrolyte Sports Drink Mix, Vegan, Gluten Free, Original Flavor, 30 Servings, 16.9 Ounce

Coconut water is nature’s ultimate hydration and recovery drink and now the nutrients of 45 young, green coconuts is available to you anytime and anywhere in a convenient 16.7 oz. canister. Coco hydro sport is a dehydrated powder made from certified organic coconut water. Instead of shipping water around the world; The naturally electrolyte and nutrient-filled water goes through an enzymatic spray-dry process in order to retain as many nutrients as possible. We have chosen to incorporate trace ionic minerals in order to provide maximum benefits in maintaining optimal function of the body. The inherent minerals and nutrients work together in their natural state for easy assimilation into the body as opposed to lab-fabricated (isolate) nutrients. The chelated minerals in Coco Hydro mean an average of 98% absorption rate whereas isolate mineral supplements have an average of 2% absorption rate. Coco hydro ensures your body is getting the full nutrients it needs. Sport also contains additional sea salt to optimize the athlete’s performance as a key electrolyte too often included as a synthetic and unhealthy manner in sports drinks.

Product Features

  • Non-synthetic source of 5 essential electrolytes in every organic coconut water serving – enhanced with naturally mineralized sea salt and trace ionic minerals
  • Conveniently stored/transported canister means coconut water – Anytime and anywhere
  • More sustainable than any ready-to-drink coconut water beverage as we don’t ship water around the world – just the nutrients
  • Provides the refreshing flavor you prefer
  • Enzymatic spray-dry process preserves nutrients and provides a clean, light-tasting coconut water

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