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B.A.S.K. Fatty Coconut – Cleansing Hair Froth (Product Review) May 13, 2014

Product Review Alert!!! B.A.S.K. Beauty info: Website: Facebook: Contact: Pinterest: http://pinterest.c.

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DivaDeb says:

This us an amazing REVIEW!! “Clapping” I had that in my cart and took it
out twice! :/ I knew I should have gotten that shampoo!!!! LOL at you and
the lipstick challenge. I will share my lipstick story with you one day. I
didn’t wear lipstick until my second year in college. **wink**

BTalise87 says:

Excellent review! I love, love, LOVE me some B.A.S.K. Beauty. I own 3
custards, the palm tapioca, (3) silk and honey hair milks, java bean (2)
apple and sorghum hair syrups (that I just got in the mail), the YAM,
whiskey and cacao bark. Everything that touches my hair is an instant
staple. Now, I wish I had bought the fatty coconut cleansing hair froth,
lol. I paid full price for 1/2 of the products I bought so I understand
your love of this brand. Rashida is the best, and best of all I can buy
everything locally.

Divalishous Starr says:

Great information. Thanks a lot Ms. Tee. 

tenekqua1 says:

Great video and review. I actually really like this shampoo. I loved that
you do not need a lot and that it smells so amazing to me. I am so glad I
got it! And as for the lipstick, I like it!! Thank you so much for

divinedivak says:

I tried this once but it felt a bit stripping. Maybe I used too much.
Thanks for the review.

Pretti Uneekhair says:

Good Challenge in your head. Talk about a little goes a long way! This is
def. going ot lasta long time. I really like BASK deep conditioners When I
get tired of mud washes, I would def try this. Which deep conditioner did
you use?

Halimat Alawode says:

Awesome review as always! I love the lipstick! I need to purchase the basks
deep conditioners someday!

QuayTheCanaryDiamond says:

The lipstick is a really pretty nude on u 🙂 You always make me want to buy
a new product lol. Great review! :)

SunRose33 says:

I love this shampoo. Left my hair clean and soft Only need a little to make
a nice froth. Love the lipstick it looks nice on you. Thanks for sharing.

sweetybyrd65 says:

I am excited about this new hair cleansing product from BASK, which is one
of my FAV shops. Your lipstick is a perfect match for the color of your
lips. It’s so natural looking that I did not know you had on lipstick.

NaturalDane says:

I bought 2 during her sale, got them this weekend. Glad to see a review, I
plan to use that to cleanse on Friday, along with some products from Happy
Nappy Honey I ordered. Thanks for the review.

Luvmustangs37 says:

At first I thought “$14.00 for 8 ounces?!?!?” but It looks like it’s worth
if from your demonstration. I have a t.w.a. so that wold last me about 6
months. good review.

MakeupanBeautyJunkie says:

Thanks for sharing! 

Justcool Ncurly says:

I honestly think this will over take cowashing…it’s just that
moisturizing and it cleans.

Reservechic says:

I absolutely love the way you start and end your videos!

Thanks for providing a review+ demo of this product. As, I really
appreciate it. As, your review video of this product is the first one I’ve
seen thus far. I’m very glad to hear that you really like this product, and
that you would re-buy it.

cgarnett2010 says: the lipstick on.u. 

Tanya10312000 says:

My product review of the Fatty Coconut Cleansing Hair Froth by @baskbeauty

zheahra says:

I like this shade of lipstick on you. Looks like your natural lip color. I
purchased some Nexus. I just try this shampoo. I have two jars of their

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