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Atkins Endulge Treats, Chocolate Coconut, 1g Sugar, 3g Net Carbs, 14.1-Ounce, 10-Bars (Packaging May Vary)

Rich, moist coconut surrounded by a thick layer of chocolate. It tastes just like your favorite coconut candy bar, but without one bite of regret. THE ATKINS LIFESTYLE – The Atkins Diet and Lifestyle is the original leading low-carb plan that provides quick, effective, and balanced weight loss by limiting carbs and sugar to help the body burn fat for fuel and keep your energy steady. Over 80 published clinical studies support that the science behind the principles of the Atkins Diet produces effective weight loss and long-term health benefits. Say goodbye to counting calories with a low-carb lifestyle and make cravings a thing of the past. DELICIOUS WAYS TO STAY ON TRACK ANY TIME OF DAY – The Atkins product lineup provides easy and delicious snacks to help you live a low-carb lifestyle all through the day!

Product Features

  • Rich, moist coconut surrounded by a thick layer of chocolate.
  • Satisfy your sweet cravings with an indulgent Atkins Treat; a perfect dessert without all the carbs or sugar.
  • Only 1g Sugar and 3g Net Carbs per Serving
  • Excellent Source of Fiber
  • No added sugar. Great for a low carb lifestyle!

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MikesMom says:

Great small treat! For anyone that has gone “low carb”, you know that you get your fill of protein and veggies after awhile. The rest of the family is indulging in a treat and this easily can be YOUR treat. I didn’t find myself missing out on that Halloween candy yesterday. I had my own small Atkins Chocolate Caramel Mousse Treat and I was perfectly happy. No, it is not filling and it is not a meal replacement. If you are looking for a bar that has protein and is more filling, please see the meal…

sabcreek says:

Nutty delicious

Pat Boschen says:

Oooops, but glad I did I have just had eye surgery, and mistakenly ordered an entire life-time supply of these. Never having tried them before, when they arrived, I did a deep sigh and uttered a prayer that they would be edible. No, they are delicious. I’m trying to keep my blood sugars down due to diabetes and some surgeries, and these products are helping that happen. When I have that chocolate craving, and I want “real” chocolate, these work. I have also tried the brownies, a caramel nut bar and a…

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