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Artisana Organics – Coconut Oil Extra Virgin, Non-Hydrogenated and Cholesterol-Free (14 oz)

Raw and organic food is just as natural as a flower growing in the grass. It is alive with all of nature’s enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Creating raw and organic food is an art. We source local nuts and seeds where available and we have a strict quality control program to insure the purity of our food from the farm to your table. Making our raw organic nut butters is not easy… and it is a process that we do not hurry along. It takes a considerable amount of energy and time to hand-make and keep all of Artisana Nut Butters pure and raw for you to enjoy… and we enjoy every moment of this process! Although we are a small organic food company, we are trying to make a big difference. Our goals and ideas are much bigger than just organic food. We are devoted to sustainable living and through our community we support the organic and living foods movement, the Earth and her forests. We try to buy our foods as close to the farmer as possible. In many cases we are able to buy straight from the organic farmers. It’s a choice. It’s how we operate. It is how we live our life. Does NOT contain: PEANUT, Gluten, DAIRY, Heat, Processing, Sugar, Salt, Gluten, Pesticides, Artificial flavors/ colors, Preservatives, GMO’s, Oils.

Product Features

  • SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER OR MARGARINE: When cooking or baking, use our cholesterol-free, 100% organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil instead of something that is not good for you. No need to read the ingredients because there is only one: coconut oil.
  • FOOD FOR THE BODY, BOTH INSIDE and OUT: Not only is this 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil an extremely delicious addition to many different meals, but it is also a great moisturizer for your skin and hair. Apply and watch your hair shine.
  • HANDMADE USING A TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED PROCESS: Using the most careful attention to detail, quality and handmade with care, our organic foods are crafted using temperature controlled process to preserves fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and enzymes.
  • WE BUY OUR PRODUCE FROM SMALL, ORGANIC FAMILY FARMS: The farmers from which we buy grow their produce in harmony with the land. They pledge to treat and to compensate their workers fairly. Our foods are just as natural as a flower growing in the grass.
  • USDA and QAI ORGANIC CERTIFIED: We only use 100% certified organic nuts, seeds and coconut meat which means no toxic pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Made in a facility that does not process any peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.

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Amy Taylor says:

Not bad, not great

BaconWins says:

Probably the best coconut oil out there

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