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Argan Oil Hair Mask by Pure Sedos 16 oz – High-End Salon Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment Made with 100% Organic Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, and Collagen for Repairing Dry, Damaged Hair, for all Hair Type

You can restore the life in your hair with The Restorative Deep Repair Hair Mask by Pure Sedos

Professional Salon Formula

The Pure Sedos Hair Mask is the professional salon-series conditioning mask that will restore the ends of your hair from dry and brittle to soft, silky and manageable. Formulated with natural ingredients from argan oil coconut and collagen, this deep conditioning mask hydrates, moisturizes, restores, and strengthens weak, damaged and over processed hair. The natural extracts contained in our unique mask, improve the look of dull hair, enhance texture, add softness, and elasticity for a shiny, healthier, model-style looking hair.

The Best Therapy for Hair

Pure Sedos Argan Oil Hair Mask is created to add volume and improve the overall the health of your hair. All the natural extracts contained in this formula work synergically to promote new hair follicle growth, regenerate hair shafts and cleans away residues for a smoother, thicker hair and a cleaner, fresher-feeling scalp. It’s very easy to use and works for all hair types.
br> It’s paraben free, sulfate free, sodium free and cruelty free.


Remember, we’re here to make your hair look better and healthier with Pure Sedos Hair Mask. If any one of those things isn’t happening, let us know so we can make it right.


Product Features

  • REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR – Do you have a dry, dyed or bleach damaged hair? Immerse into a jar of our deep-conditioning mask for strengthen weak, frizzy, and over processed hair. Our premium hair mask is formulated with natural ingredients like argan oil, coconut, and collagen that deeply moisturize, restore, and protect your hair for a beautiful, smooth, healthy and shiny looking hair.
  • ENJOY A LONG LASTING IMPROVEMENT – You will be amazed by how our Pure Sedos Deep Conditioning Hair Mask will revolutionize your hair. The natural ingredients work in synergy to improve hair softness and texture, and regenerate hair shafts for a smoother hair. Whether you have curly, wavy, or kinky hair, our hair mask works on all hair types and gives your hair an amazing fragrance.
  • ACHIEVE A LONGER AND FULLER HAIR – Our hair mask conditioner is blended with collagen – a nutrient amino acid that improves the condition of your hair to achieve voluminous and vibrant hair you can be proud of. It’s easy to use, simply apply the hair mask from root ends and allow the product to seep into the scalp and be absorbed by the hair follicles for 5-10 minutes; rinse and your hair will be looking just as you desired.
  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM THE SUN – Getting exposed to harmful UV rays can cause hair loss and weakening. With our organic hair mask, you can hydrate and add much-needed moisture and protection to your hair against UV sunlight. It’s natural, paraben free, sulfate free, and never tested on animals.
  • IMPROVE HAIR CONDITION OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We know you have options for hair treatment, and we want to make the best choice the easiest one. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not seeing any improvement to your hair, ship it back to us for a full and prompt refund. The choice will be yours!.

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