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11 Amazing Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Every Day – Saturday Strategy Get Organifi Green Juice: Join Fitlife’s 1.5MIL…

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Fay S says:

Can people who have diabetes use coconut oil instead of sugar in their tea
or is coconut oil processed sugar?

jessica napier says:

does anyone know a good place where you can get a great deal on good
quality coconut oil? maybe any websits that will discount on buying a year

Linda says:

Congratulations Klee :)

Live Free says:

Love you, Drew! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Zeeshan Shuaib says:

I bought a carton of FOCO coconut water. Does anybody know if they are any

Sam Barrow says:

I have a large jar of organic coconut oil in the kitchen, my subconscious
told me to buy it I’ve not used it much… but will today.

Carrie D says:

I try to take coconut oil daily, drink coconut water , use coconut oil on
my skin and juice daily too, also have green juice powder as back up, Yes
my life is changing slowly .. Thanks for sharing – i have a coconut & Juice
passion and hopefully my family will follow eventually :)

Live Free says:

When do you put coconut oil in your hair? In the shower? After showering?
Before showering?

tamz attitude says:

Eating coconut while watching this ;)

jheyel20 says:

I’ve only ever used the coconut oil in my pantry to make some vegan cookies
but now, I know I can use it for other things. Very informative video. Your
videos has also inspired me to buy a juicer and start juicing. I just need
to find more recipes. Hehe

Jal Layton says:

I’m so inspired by you, your story is amazing :). I just ordered 3 cans of
Green Juice for my daughter and I..can’t wait to get it. I love coconut oil
and use it for many things, thank you for posting.

Abdullah Gammash says:

Great video. Leaned lot of stuff today.

Lish Millare says:

11! My lucky number! Love coconut oil and it’s benefits! Definitely going
to try them in my smoothies now:)

Marie Yap says:

I use coconut oil in my smoothies and also in my coffee or tea…yum!

robert m. says:

Hello drew…one question.. When is it the best time during the day to take
spirulina? I workout should i drink it after working out?

Uber Virgin says:

Only the refined coconut oil can take the high heat. The unrefined is best
for most applications but will smoke at a very low heat so is not good for
cooking with. Looking forward to reading all 99 uses. Thanks FitLifeTV.

yana lysenko says:

Thanks for such helpful video!

arleq39147 says:

Very clear and concise delivery; to the point. Congrats man, keep it up.
Thank you for the good work.

Parry Sran says:

Hi drew
I ordered organifi 5 months ago
No one from customer team seems helping regarding the issue ….I have done
mails n mails n mails
I’m sorry for posting this but there’s no other way left
Please help me out

dappled willow says:

I LOVE coconuts :)

gurinder singh says:

I just can’t wait to finish high school and then college. Once I have a
job, I will watch all of your videos again and adopt all of these things in
my life. Infrared sauna, organic food, and using coconut oil is certainly
in my list.

Kayley Jacobs says:

I just found your channel and I am so excited to subscribe! Great videos,
very informative. Thank you.

Mr Peabody says:

what is the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil other than
the butter oil thing of course

La Chiva Girl says:

Unless you’re allergic or sensitive to coconut, what are the alternatives? 

Mayra Corona says:

Thank you so much …. love your videos 

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Great inspiration 

Giovanna Grimaldi says:

Love you Drew!!! xxoo

A.S. Nelson says:

Nace grl on you tude

strictlystarlight says:

Thanks Drew I never expected that coconut oil has some of these uses.
Didn’t know you were on fb too. x

fleshlife says:

I love coconut oil in my coffee! ! ^__^ Yummy 

Mohamed Maxamed says:

Nice one drew free book XD yeaay!

Xavier BenJamin says:

We need a new blender that’s how me and my family get most of our nutrients
in palease drew get is a new blender) muahs much love *B* jamin A’$) 

TiMalice2009 says:

I really like this channel. 

TwisterChrisable says:
Melini Lutui says:

All about that bass, huh?? Hahahahahaha!! Great video!! Just bought some
coconut oil on wednesday and now I know what I can use it for besides my
hair, YAASSSS!!! :))

Unlucky13ification says:

I think the editing on this video needs some work. I see brief flashes of
color throughout it. Regardless, the content is very helpful. 

Everyday Fun says:

Ha! I eat fresh coconuts right off the palm tree! Benefit of living in
rural Mexico.
There is a sap (Syrup) that is extracted from the palm tree bark that is
also amazing. It is a drink (very sweet) and people mix it with plain
peanuts and boy does it give you an energy kick.
Rural older people are always talking about its health benefits. One day
you guys should try it.

TiMalice2009 says:

I always learn something from him. 

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