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Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro Instant Coconut Water Mix, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Pineapple Flavor, Single Packets (Pack of 15)

Coconut water is nature’s ultimate hydration and recovery drink and now the nutrients of 2 young, green coconuts is available to you anytime and anywhere with this super-convenient single-serve. Much easier to carry around this 22 gram packet of dehydrated powder made from certified organic coconut water than 2 coconuts or a tetra-pack destined for the landfill. Instead of shipping water around the world; the naturally electrolyte and nutrient-filled water goes through an enzymatic spray-dry process in order to retain as many nutrients as possible. We have chosen to incorporate trace ionic minerals in order to provide maximum benefits in maintaining optimal function of the body. The inherent minerals and nutrients work together in their natural state for easy assimilation into the body; as opposed to lab-fabricated (isolate) nutrients. The chelated minerals in Coco Hydro mean an average of 98% absorption rate whereas isolate mineral supplements have an average of 2% absorption rate. Coco Hydro ensures your body is getting the full nutrients it needs – on the go wherever you go.

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Study: Is Canola Oil Consumption Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease?

Spraying commercial rape seed crops for making canola oil.

Spraying commercial rape seed crops for making canola oil.

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Because of its lower cost, canola oil is ubiquitous in processed foods intended for the growing “health conscious” market. Now a recently published study is confirming the suspicions of those of us who refuse to use canola oil.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s Temple University conducted an animal study to determine the validity of canola oil’s health claims. Their results were published this month, December, 2017, in the journal Scientific Reports.

The study was titled “Effect of canola oil consumption on memory, synapse and neuropathology in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Summary of the Study’s Main Points and Conclusions

The research team noted that there “is no data available on the effect of canola oil intake on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathogenesis.”

In other words, could canola oil contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s?

The study introduction acknowledged earlier olive oil studies, including their own earlier olive oil study, which all unequivocally prove olive oil’s health benefits and protective qualities against neurological disease.

Transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease have been genetically modified, enabling them to develop plaques and tangles like humans do, which are often a part of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). These mice are genetically designed and bred to show a progression of Alzheimer’s from even before it is symptomatic and throughout all its stages.

The six month old mice were divided into two groups. The researchers fed the control group only standard mouse chow while the test group was fed chow with canola oil in amounts that would be equivalent for two tablespoons daily with humans. The first thing observed after six months of feeding was that the canola oil fed mice had incurred significant weight gain.

However, this weight gain did not adversely affect the mice’s motor skills during behavioral testing, conducted after six months of feeding, when the mice were 12 months old. Those conducting the behavioral tests were not informed of whether they were testing non canola fed or canola fed mice to exclude the possibility of bias.

What was observed through behavioral testing, water maze, Y-maze, and fear conditioning, was the canola fed mice had reduced working memory and less learning ability. After the behavioral tests the mice were euthanized and their brains biochemically analyzed.

The researchers observed that among the canola fed mice, all of which demonstrated diminished learning ability and working memory, there was biochemical evidence for reduced synaptic integrity due to significantly lowered levels of a protein that is vital to nerve synapse connections. Synapses are the connecting points of electrical impulse signals in the brain and nervous system.

Also, the brains of the mice receiving canola oil had a statistically significant increase in the ratios of certain specific peptides (bonded amino acids), suggesting a shift towards the more prone to fibril formation and insoluble form of these peptides, leading to progressive precipitation and intracellular accumulation. In other words, the potential for brain tangles and plaque was now higher. (Full study text)

The Temple group’s lead researcher with the canola oil animal study, Professor Domenico Pratico, M.D., commented to media queries:

“Even though canola oil is a vegetable oil, we need to be careful before we say that it is healthy. Based on the evidence from this study, canola oil should not be thought of as being equivalent to oils with proven health benefits.” (Source)

Temple University’s Earlier Olive Oil Animal Testing Results

The same outside funding source for the canola oil study, the Wanda Simone Endowment for Neuroscience, also funded Temple to study the neurological effects from olive oil. That study was published only a few months prior to the canola oil study in a different journal, the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.

The olive oil study also focused mainly on the neurological aspects of the disease, as implied by the name of its major funding source, the Wanda Simone Endowment for Neuroscience. That study came up with some surprising evidence of how olive oil protects the brain from neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Using virgin olive oil, the same types of mice used for canola oil testing performed better in behavioral testing than control mice. Both working and spatial memory were improved. Biochemical analysis showed a reduction of markers that promote deposits in the brain while other markers confirmed improved brain synapse connections. (Full study text)

Regarding their olive oil study, Temple’s lead researcher Dr. Pratico stated,

“One thing that stood out immediately was synaptic integrity. The integrity of the connections between neurons, known as synapses, were preserved in animals on the extra-virgin olive oil diet.”

In addition, compared to mice on a regular diet, brain cells from animals in the olive oil group showed a dramatic increase in nerve cell autophagy activation, which was ultimately responsible for the reduction in levels of amyloid plaques and phosphorylated tau.

“This is an exciting finding for us,” added Dr. Pratico. “Thanks to the autophagy activation, memory and synaptic integrity were preserved, and the pathological effects in animals otherwise destined to develop Alzheimer’s disease were significantly reduced. This is a very important discovery, since we suspect that a reduction in autophagy marks the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease.” (Source)

Canola Oil is NOT a Natural Oil that has Been in the Food Chain Long

What is lacking from the canola oil study is any mention of genetic modification regarding canola, which is essentially the rapeseed plant hybrid to eliminate rapeseed’s toxins and odors that were appropriate for industrial use. Canada changed the name from rapeseed plants to canola, which stands for Canadian oil instead of rapeseed oil, solely for marketing purposes.

The Temple researchers used Mazola canola oil, which is from GMO canola and is extracted with hexane, a toxic chemical with the potential of leaving trace amounts in the final oil solution. GMO canola plants are sprayed with Roundup, a “probable” carcinogenic glyphosate herbicide. Around 90 percent of canola plants are genetically modified to withstand Roundup.

While there are a few more expensive organic expeller-pressed canola oils available, Canadian organic canola farmers have complained of GMO plant-drift and other contamination during seed storage. Unfortunately they are outnumbered and surrounded by GMO farms.

It doesn’t take extensive testing to decide between quality cold pressed virgin olive oil and any kind of canola oil – it’s worthwhile to make the healthier choice.

Unfortunately, most olive oils on the market are adulterated with cheaper oils.

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Cultures for Health Kefir Starter Culture, Freeze-Dried Powder, No Daily Maintenance, Includes 2 Packets Of Starter

Make kefir at home with this powdered starter culture. This kefir culture is easy to use to make homemade kefir at a much lower cost than buying kefir at the store, and it’s delicious! Drink plain, add flavoring, or use kefir in many different recipes including as a base for smoothies, salad dressings, and more. Each box contains 2 packets of powdered kefir starter. Store the extra packet of kefir starter in the freezer until ready to use. THIS STARTER DOES NOT REQUIRE DAILY MAINTENANCE LIKE KEFIR GRAINS. Use 1 packet of kefir culture with 1 quart dairy milk, juice, or coconut milk or coconut water. Each packet may be recultured several times by using a small amount from the current batch to make the new batch. Complete, easy-to-use instructions are included in every box of kefir starter. Ingredients: Proprietary blend of selected strains of lactococci, lactobacilli, Leuconostoc, and Saccharomyces fragilis bacteria. May contain trace amounts of soy and milk. Non-GMO. Allergen Information: Our kefir starter culture is a gluten-free product. May contain trace amounts of soy and dairy. Manufactured in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy. Actual product packaging may differ from image shown above. NOTE: This is a powdered starter culture. It is NOT live kefir grains.

Product Features

  • This freeze-dried, powder starter culture is easier to maintain than kefir grains.
  • No maintenance! Make kefir when you want, without the daily upkeep of kefir grains.
  • Two packets which can be used several times each to make kefir.
  • Can be used with cow milk, goat milk, juice, coconut milk, coconut water, and more.
  • Flavor or use as a base in smoothies, salad dressings, and more.

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Fresh Monster – BEST Kids Shampoo and Conditioner (Coconut, 8 ounce) – Natural Kid Shampoo – Toxin-Free – For Silky Shiny Hair – No Synthetic Fragrances

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  • KIDS SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER – Meet the first affordable, 100% toxin-free, plant-based 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner for kids that cleans and conditions all at once
  • TOXIN-FREE – Fresh Monster Kids Shampoo & Conditioner has no toxins, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, BPA, gluten or soy. Made in the USA with no animal testing involved and certified Cruelty-Free by PETA
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Study: Long Term High-fat Ketogenic Diet is Healthy and Safe

Keto ketogenic diet with nutrition diagram low carb high fat healthy weight loss meal plan

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

A recently concluded German study, published November 11, 2017 in the journal Clinical Nutrition shows no long-term negative effects for those following a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic dieting has been used successfully to reverse Alzheimer’s and reduce epileptic seizures in children. Some have even used extreme ketogenic dieting for inducing remission from their cancers.

The ketogenic diet was developed in the 1920s at Johns Hopkins hospital to stop seizures in children who did not respond to anti-seizure drugs. The diet fell out of favor in recent years due to the negative press on saturated fats, and fears over the long-term consequences of eating large amounts of saturated fats.

Ketogenic diets focus on high amounts of fat in the diet, including saturated fats, along with very restricted amounts of carbohydrates, in order to create ketones that bypass insulin resistance in brain cells and energize their metabolic functions in lieu of glucose. This has proven efficacious for other central nervous systems problems in addition to Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

The past doubts regarding the effects of using a ketogenic diet long term as one’s main diet were centered on the “official” advice to avoid saturated fats because they supposedly raised cholesterol levels, which they claim increases the risk of cardiovascular heart disease.

This current study proves that such fears are unfounded, and that a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein diet can safely be followed as a lifestyle choice, and not simply as a short-term therapeutic diet.

Highlighting the German Study That Proves Ketogenic Dieting is Healthy

The title of the study is “10 patients, 10 years – Long term follow-up of cardiovascular risk factors in Glut1 deficiency treated with ketogenic diet therapies: A prospective, multicenter case series.”

GLUT1 deficiency is the technical term for what some medical practitioners are now calling diabetes 3. It’s the brain cell’s insulin resistance or a deficiency of glucose transport to brain cells. It impairs cellular metabolism in the brain, and is considered a source of Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, and epileptic seizures, among others.

The ketogenic diet therapy (KDT) has been used for decades in Germany and some other nations to produce ketones as an alternative source of brain cell energy fuel, originally to treat epileptic children. It has evolved for treating other symptoms of GLUT1 deficiency.

It was commonly used in the USA during the 1920s through the 1940s, before the pharmaceutical industry completely took over mainstream medicine.

In order to refute (the researchers carefully used the word “clarify,” not refute) a recent report of increased cardiovascular harm from ketogenic dieting among epileptic children within a two year period, the researchers of this study had several hospitals from which to choose and follow up with testing for a 10 year period or more.

The German researchers enrolled 10 patients undergoing KDT in two different hospitals, which offered complete medical testing records of the 10 patients from before they began ketogenic dieting (baseline measurements) under medical supervision to at least 10 years.

During a 10 year period, the 10 GLUT1 patients were tested at intervals from baseline to 6 months, 2.5 years, then at the end of that 10 year period. They tested for BMI (body mass index) variations, used to measure conditions ranging from anorexia to obesity.

More importantly they measured markers of heart disease risk, including cholesterol ratios and triglycerides, blood pressure, carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT). The carotid arteries are the ones that run on both sides of the neck, where some feel to check for a pulse and determine if someone is dead. The inner walls of that artery are measured by ultrasound.

The research concluded:

“In contrast to previous short-term reports on adverse effects of KDT [ketogenic dietary therapy], 10-year follow-up did not identify cardiovascular risks of dietary treatment for Glut1D.”

The researchers added an interesting note about one of the test subjects:

“Prior to KDT one child had dyslipidemia, but no child after 10 years on KDT.”

Dyslipidemia is a combination of high triglycerides, high LDL (the “bad” cholesterol lipoproteins) and low HDL (the “good” cholesterol lipoproteins). (Source)

In other words, not only did the child benefit from ketogenic dieting for GLUT1 or brain metabolic impairment safely, his initially extreme cardiac disease risks were eliminated.

That does indeed “clarify” reporting claiming that a ketogenic diet is dangerous, a claim that is among official attempts at discrediting healthy fat diets and attacking coconut oil. (Study abstract)

Coconut oil has been denounced “officially” by the American Heart Association and others who parrot “authoritative” nutritional advice condemning saturated fats despite the overwhelming independent science that prove they’re wrong about fats. (See: Coconut Oil is Beneficial for Your Heart: Shining the Truth on Mainstream Media’s Negative Attacks Against Coconut Oil.)

Fatty Foods Involved with a Ketogenic Diet – Picking the Best Ones and Avoiding the Worst

A ketogenic diet is comprised of high fat, low carbohydrate, and moderate protein consumption. Modern day versions of the diet are the Atkins diet, and Paleo diet.

Vegetarians who don’t eat meat can still keep their carbs low and fats high, but total vegans will have a much more difficult time following the diet.

Vegans refuse all animal products. But lacto vegetarians can include high amounts of dairy products and lacto-ovo vegetarians can include eggs with their dairy consumption. Some who swear off meats do eat some seafood.

Meat eaters should make every effort to avoid meat from factory farm livestock or CAFOs (confined animal feed operations) which are fed GMO soy and corn mush and injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. (Source)

Instead, choose grass fed livestock free from antibiotic and hormone injections, from a reputable source.

This holds true for dairy products as well.

Use as many raw milk dairy products that may be accessible in your area from reputable farmers.

Avoid farmed fish and shrimp (wild is best). Cold water salmon, seafood from Northern seas, and shrimp from South American coastal waters are less polluted with mercury and dioxides.

There are plant based healthy oils that have been in the food chain for thousands of years, including high-fat foods such as all nuts and seeds, avocados, extra virgin olive oil, sesame seed oil, black cumin seed oil (popular in the Middle East), palm oil sourced from sustainable producers, and the healthiest plant based fat of them all, coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which are easy for the liver to rapidly convert into energy as ketones, the reason for ketogenic dieting. Longer chain fatty acids are more prone to be stored as fat as their conversion to ketones for energy is not as rapid. (Source)

So regardless of your overall diet, consuming two to four tablespoons of coconut oil daily may produce sufficient ketones equivalent to a higher fat diet.

Several testimonies are available from people with early to late stage dementia who have found their dementia symptoms reduced, even with Alzheimer’s disease. The same is true for some who have alleviated their MS symptoms and other neurological issues as well.

Here is just one dramatic testimony:

88 Year Old Woman Recovering from Alzheimer’s and Diabetes Using Coconut Oil

The Fats to Avoid

The fats that should be shunned are the heat processed fats intended to replace naturally sourced whole saturated fats. (Low-fat mania was created by the bogus lipid theory of heart disease initiated by Ancel Keys circa 1960. See: Ancel Keys Was Wrong about Heart Disease and Cholesterol.)

Apparently Keys has back-peddled a bit on his initial lipid theory. Here’s a quote from a NY Times reporter’s telephone interview with Keys in 1987, around the same time statin drugs were introduced:

“I’ve come to think that cholesterol is not as important as we used to think it was. Let’s reduce cholesterol by reasonable means, but let’s not get too excited about it.” (Source)

Margarine and common processed poly-unsaturated vegetable oils for cooking or salads are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated and are high in trans-fatty acids, which have been associated with many of our modern culture’s chronic metabolic disorders.

These toxic trans fat processed fats or oils are ubiquitously present in processed foods, fast food restaurants, and more upscale restaurants also. Most pastries and off the shelf breads also contain these toxic fat substitutions along with their usually refined carbs.

Although individual specific dietary needs and desires vary, choosing more healthy fats, especially virgin coconut oil, can surprisingly produce more health benefits, including weight loss, than avoiding healthy saturated fats and eating refined carbohydrates.

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Desert Essence Soft Curls Hair Cream, Coconut, 6.4 Fluid Ounce

Desert Essence Soft Curls Hair Cream Coconut. Description: 100% Vegan. Wheat, Gluten and Silicone Free. Helps smooth and define curls, adding luster and bounce while keeping curls touchably soft. Coconut Oil and Extracts protect, nourish and hydrate. Black Oat and Nopal Cactus help repair hair. Free Of Wheat, gluten and silicone. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • 100% Vegan
  • Wheat, Gluten and Silicone Free
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Organic Coconut Oil Capsules 2000mg – Supports Heart & Digestive Health, Healthy Weight Loss, Immunity, Energy, Hair, & Skin – 60 Softgel Capsules by Prime Labs

Many people do not get the necessary fats and acids that their bodies need to maintain strong health. Oftentimes people wrongly believe all kinds of fat are bad and thus they completely avoid it, however this causes them to be deficient in good cholesterol (HDL) and other important fats! Coconut Oil will help you naturally lose weight, leaving you both feeling and looking healthier!

Product Details:
Supports Heart Health
Increases Energy and Vitality
Boosts Immunity while reducing fat and flushing out toxins
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  • BEST SOURCE OF GOOD FATTY ACIDS – Rich in the good and healthy fats such as Lauric Acid
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Fat Fuel Coffee the Only Instant Keto Diet Coffee with Grass Fed Butter, MCT Oil & Coconut Oil Powders, for High Fat/Low Carb Food to Keep you Upgraded & Weight Loss, 15 Servings

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  • ★DESIGN: Fat fuel is the ONE AND ONLY prepackaged instant keto cup of joe brain juice. Now that is a mouthfull. If you’re into the addition of MCT’s and butter in your morning pick-me-up then fat fuel is a fantastic option for you being this is hands down the best frothy and creamy keto coffee on the market. Are you tired of waking up extremely sluggish in the mornings? Then get ready for some incredible clean energy for the day
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Coohole Fashion Sexy Beauty Shimmer Liquid Brighten Highlighter Oil concealer Makeup Cosmetic (D)

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Product Features

  • Perfect for use on bare skin and adds an illuminating effect to your foundation. Not only does our formula add extra glow to your skin.
  • It is a glistening moisturizer and vitamin packed serum.
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