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NEW!! 100% Organic MCT Oil from Coconut (32oz) ~ Non-Gmo Project Veified, USDA Organic,Vegan, Keto and Paleo Certified ~ Great for Coffee,Tea, Smoothies & Salad Dressings -Unflavored

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats with an unusual chemical structure that allows the body to digest them easily. Most fats are broken down in the intestine and remade into a special form that can be transported in the blood. But MCTs bypass the digestion process intact and taken into the bloodstream where they are used as quick energy for the body.

Coconut oil pulling has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for nearly 3000 years. The main reason why it works is because of the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects of Lauric Acid, which helps to “pull out” bacteria, fungi and other debris from the mouth.*

Athletes often sip carbohydrate-loaded drinks during exercise. MCTs may provide an alternative. Like other fats, they provide more energy per ounce than carbs; but unlike normal fats, this energy can be released rapidly helping to improve performance.

Studies suggest replacing calories with MCT, without exceeding daily caloric requirements, can result in a small but significant increase in the rate of fat loss over time.

Start by swishing 1-2 tablespoons of SR MCT oil in your mouth for 5 min, and gradually build up to 15-20 min. Discard the oil and immediately rinse your mouth out with warm water.

SMOOTHIES: Add 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil to your favorite juice, smoothie or protein drink for a long-lasting energy boost.

SALADS: Substitute traditional oils with MCT Oil in your favorite salad dressings.

COFFEE:Upgrade your coffee by mixing 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil and 1 teaspoon of grass feed butter for sustained energy without the caffeine crash.

Product Features

  • YEARS IN THE MAKING: We have found the Only Certified Organic MCT Oil in the world – Goes perfect with your morning coffee, workout smoothie or salad dressing to help provide mental and physical energy from fat, not sugar.*
  • BENEFITS: MCT Oil converts into ketone energy faster than other oils, helping to ignite your body’s metabolic rate while keeping you satisfied and free of food cravings. Build toward your athletic and weight management goals with Organic Coconut MCT.*
  • NO BAD STUFF: Sourced from ONLY sustainable, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and processed without the use of chemicals or solvents. Rich in Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids.
  • REAL CERTIFICATIONS: Other brands claim to be but our MCT Oil is actually Non-GMO project Verified, USDA Organic and Certifeid Keto, Paleo and Vegan Friendly
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with our Organic MCT Oil simply return your product within 90 days for a refund.**

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Coconut MCT Oil Softgels 3000 MG – With C8 Caprylic Acid & C10 Capric Acid – Weight Loss & Energy Boost Supplement for Men & Women – Digestion & Metabolism Support – Gluten Free Formula – 180 Count

Zenwise Health MCT Oil Softgels are coconut-derived dietary supplements that feature 3000mg of medium-chain fatty acids that can help to keep the body and mind at peak performance.

Product Features

  • PURE & NATURAL ENERGY – Zenwise Health’s liquid MCT Oil Softgels are sourced from organic coconuts to provide energy, endurance, metabolic support, and overall health for people looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • A CONVENIENT SOFTGEL FORMULA – This 100% coconut-derived fatty acid formula is a simple solution without having to mix oil into coffee or smoothies. Three softgels a day is all it takes to enjoy the same benefits of liquid MCT products.
  • SUPREME ENERGY & FOCUS – MCTs promote the production of ketones in the brain, which supplements the mind and body with a lightning quick boost of clean and natural energy to support clarity and alertness with no jitters or crashes.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS – If your goal is to burn fat and trim down, these MCT Oil Softgels have been shown to be an excellent solution, as it supports metabolism and weight management, and even pairs great for men and women on ketogenic diets.
  • WORKOUT FUEL – MCT Oil Softgels can help support any pre or post workout regimen, and ideal for anyone active in sports and physical fitness. Plus, this coconut sourced formula is safe for anyone on a vegan, paleo or gluten free diet.

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RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Fryer’s Friend, 4-Cup

RSVP strives to offer quality kitchen products and cooking tools at competitive prices. Our Endurance Fryer’s Friend, 4-Cup is a perfect example. Our stove or countertop grease keeper is made of durable stainless steel with an easy-grip handle, pour spout, lid and a fine mesh strainer. Measures 2-5/8-inches in diameter by 3-5/8-inches tall. Dishwasher safe. When all the right people, and ingredients, kitchen tools, and food come together, we call this The Art of Gathering.

Product Features

  • Reuse popular coconut, canola and olive oils using our practical stovetop grease keeper
  • Measures 2-5/8-inches in diameter by 3-5/8-inches tall
  • Made of durable stainless steel this container features a pour spout, lid and a fine mesh strainer perfect for separating the bacon bits from the fat
  • Features a generous 4-cup capacity and an easy grip handle
  • Dishwasher safe

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Tiddley Pom Organic Massage Oil 150ml

This Organic Massage Oil is a fragrance free synergy of Kukui, Coconut, Blackcurrant and Argan organic oils. This blend of natural vegetable carrier oils imparts a host of naturally derived vitamins, Gamma Linoleic Acid, Omega 6 and other fatty acids essential for healthy skin and acts as a perfect massage medium for body and face, not just for Baby but for
Mum and Dad too.

Vitamin E present in most of the oils is very nourishing, soothing and easily absorbed to alleviate dry, irritated and sensitive skins. Restores natural moisture levels, natural humectants combined with vegetable derived emollients and blackcurrant oil leave Baby\’s skin silky smooth and twinkling with a subtle glow.

This organic massage oil comes in a convenient spray making it easier to use and reduces the chances of using too much oil.
Tiddley Pom Organic Massage Oil is fragrance free.

Warm a teaspoon of the Organic Massage Oil in ythis hands. Apply to Baby\’s arms one at a time, maintaining eye contact with them at all times. Keeping in time with the beat of the Baby Spa music gently, but firmly, massage Baby\’s arms and hands paying special attention to all the tiny creases and folds in the skin.

Work up their tiny shoulders and onto their tummies. Working in small circular movements, massage Baby\’s tummy area for about a minute. Move down to their legs, giving them a gentle stretch followed by deep thumb pressure to the underneath of their tiny feet. Turn Baby over ensuring that their airway is free and gently work up and down their backs. Turn Baby back over and wrap the towel around them.

Product Features

  • FRAGRANCE-FREE MADE FROM ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL; naturally helps protect skin from sun damage; ideal for body and face
  • SUNFLOWER OIL IS RICH IN VITAMIN E; removes potentially damaging oxidising agents in the skin; leaving skin healthy and soft
  • RETAINS AND RESTORES NATURAL MOISTURE LEVELS; natural humectants combined with vegetable emollients leaves baby skin silky smooth with a subtle glow
  • CREATED BY LEADING UK SKIN CARE FORMULATOR; uses Soil Association Certified ingredient; safe and a treat for the baby, mum and dad!
  • COMES IN AN EASY TO USE SPRAY BOTTLE; allows for controlled application; use as much or as little as desired; product lasts longer (150ml/150g)

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Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar (Blonde, 6 Pound)

Big Tree Farms introduced the world’s first certified organic coconut palm sugar. The sweet nectar from the flower blossom of the green coconut palm tree, Coco Nucifera, is collected, boiled and granulated, creating CocoCrystals. This product is ‘nature’s perfect sweetener’ – a pure and unrefined evaporated nectar that is a 1:1 replacement for cane sugar. It’s naturally high in nutrients and low on the glycemic index. Big Tree Farms is a socially equitable manager of sustainable supply chains, working directly with more than 14,000 farmers and having developed key partnerships with both local nonprofits and International Development programs.

Product Features

  • Two, 3 lb bags of a healthy alternative to high fructose sweeteners and processed cane sugars
  • One of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners, our organic coconut sugar is highly nutritious, ecologically beneficial and provides sustained energy with a similar taste to soft brown sugar
  • Organic, Certified Fair Trade, GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan
  • Naturally low on the glycemic index (GI about 35), unrefined and high nutrient
  • Coconut Palm Sugar has a soft caramel flavor, similar to light brown sugar

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Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Premium Therapeutic Grade – Huge 16 OZ – Coconut Carrier Oil for Aromatherapy, Massage, Moisturizing Skin & Hair

Discover the Highest Premium Grade Fractionated Coconut Oil that will leave your skin feeling fresher, younger & healthier.

Fractionated Coconut Oil by Handcraft Blends is 100% Pure & Natural.

Fractionated Coconut Oil Odorless is truly a versatile oil with numerous benefits from culinary to cosmetics. A fraction of the whole oil where certain chains of fatty acids are separated -refining, clarifying, and deodorizing the oil while keeping the benefits as an emollient and moisturizer the same. Unlike many other carrier oils it is highly stable, odorless, deodorized, non-staining, and colorless making it wonderful to use as a carrier oil for essential oils, for handmade skin and hair products, aromatherapy, and massage therapy.

Our Fractionated Coconut Oil is:

– Feather-light oil that absorbs readily into the skin without clogging pores.
– Produced through the hydrolysis of coconut oil and then fractionated by steam distillation
– Great carrier for essential oils, for handmade skin and hair products, aromatherapy, and massage therapy
– Nourishing skin & restoring skin elasticity
– Excellent for dry, troubled skin

Buy with confidence!! If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we will make it right. That is our promise!!

Product Features

  • 100% PURE & NATURAL FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL is one of the most versatile carrier oils and has endless uses. It is most commonly used for aromatherapy, massage, and as a hair & skin moisturizer. Our premium quality coconut oil Fragrance Free, Hexane Free, Preservative Free, Chemical Free, and 100% Vegan.
  • COCONUT OIL FOR SKIN there are countless health benefits to using this oil topically to your skin. Scientists have figured out that this oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties that feed and moisturize the skin. It is light weight, provides a silky-smooth feeling for all skin types without clogging pores all while nourishing and moisturizing.
  • COCONUT OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH is rich in antioxidants, and has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. When used on hair, it helps improve scalp health, fights infections and fungus, supports hair growth, all while adding volume and shine without the common harmful chemicals.
  • DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILS requires a carrier oil such as Coconut Oil , Castor Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Grapeseed Oil , etc.. Since essential oils are so potent, they must be diluted before being applied to the skin. S
  • MADE IN THE USA our Fractionated Coconut Oil produced in our FDA Approved Facility does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is Cruelty Free.

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Rurah Oil Brush Silicone Honey And Oil Brush with Bottle for Barbecue Cooking Baking Pancake BBQ Tools Oil sprays barbacoa Storage Bottles,Orange

Specification:Brand: Rurah

Color: Refer to the picture

Package Included: 1 Pc

Material: Silica gel

Size: Long 5.12inch; bottom diameter 1.77inch

Product Features

  • Silicone Bottle Brush easy to use and control
  • Easy to clean without leaving stains
  • A great design to save your time, also easy to Clean and storage
  • Can be used for family barbecue baking dishes are also used for outdoor barbecue
  • Great for olive oil, vinegar, coconut oil, melted butter, marinade, cooking wine, barbecue sauces, hot sauces, syrup, honey,and more

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Nature’s Way 100% Potency Pure Source MCT Oil From Coconut- Certified Paleo, Certified Vegan- Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Flavorless, No Filler Oils, Hexane-free- 16 Fluid Ounce

Nature’s Way; Trust The Leaf: from developing science-based formulas and utilizing top-quality ingredients to adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), you can always feel confident about our products.

Product Features

  • MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCTs) FROM COCONUT. 100% Potency. Non-GMO Project Verified. 14 grams per serving. See Supplement Facts for total fat and saturated fat content
  • Pure Source, No Palm or Filler Oils, Only from premium coconuts, Flavorless and Odorless, Hexane-free
  • 100% MCTs: 14 grams of MCTs (including caprylic and capric acids) per serving. See Supplement Facts for total fat and saturated fat content
  • Dietary Supplement Uses: Mix into smoothies, shakes, coffee and other beverages or simply take by the tablespoon.
  • Vegetarian, BPA-Free bottle

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Milliard Pure Sodium Bicarbonate – Pure Baking Soda (USP Powdered No. 1) – 2 Pound Resealable Bag

What does it do?
It might be easier to ask what it can’t do! It’s great as a:
• Breath Freshener: Rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water
• Tooth Whitener: Sprinkle a coating of sodium bicarbonate on a wet toothbrush to whiten and polish teeth
• Skin Exfoliant: Soften skin and remove dead tissue with a paste of 3 parts of baking soda to 1 part water before rinsing
• Underarm Armor: Mix 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate with ? cup of coconut oil and ? cup of arrowroot powder for a natural, homemade body deodorant
• Foot Soaker: Mix a ¼ cup of sodium bicarbonate with a gallon of warm water for an antifungal foot soak
• Bean Blessing: Dissolve a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in water when soaking beans to ease digestion
• Refrigerator Freshener: Leave an open container of sodium bicarbonate in your fridge to deodorize it
• Cutting Cleanser: Cleanse cutting boards and food prep surfaces with a sprinkle of sodium bicarbonate before scrubbing
• Dishwasher Helper: Add a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate with dishwasher detergent to prevent water spots and deodorize the machine
• Water Softener: Add a ¼ cup to laundry to lift stains and soften fabrics
• Flower Power: Preserve flowers by adding a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to water in a vase
• Pool Pleaser: Add a liberal amount of sodium bicarbonate to your swimming pool to neutralize acidic pH and clarify the water
• Carpet Cleaner: Sprinkle a light dusting of sodium bicarbonate on carpets to deodorize them, then vacuum after 30-60 minutes, or boost carpet cleaners by adding ½ cup per gallon of steam cleaning solution
• Mattress Cleaner: Clean mattresses with a thin paste of sodium bicarbonate and a wet cloth. Rub it in and let it dry, then vacuum it clean
• Furniture Scrubber: Clean outdoor furniture by adding a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a spray bottle with soapy water

Product Features

  • Made from anhydrous pure powdered sodium bicarbonate with no additives or preservatives.
  • Use as a cleansing booster with your laundry or dish detergent, as a pH buffer in swimming pools, or for cleaning kitchen surfaces.
  • A natural antigen against bacterial and fungal growth, as well as an effective pest deterrent, sodium bicarbonate can be used for a variety of things from deodorizing refrigerators to scrubbing vegetables. Great for Bath Bombs!
  • Non-perishable. Packaged in resealable bag to preserve freshness. Store away from light, heat, or humidity for longest shelf life.
  • Odorless, opaque white powder. Available in 2 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., and 50 lb. packages.

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Tropical Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 fl oz